The “Back to Busy” Season:

Welcome to the “Back to Busy Season” Trim Healthy Living EZine! Come on in, grab a chair and hang here for a while because this EZine is chock full of encouragement, incredible quick and easy recipes, tips and tricks for your THM journey and some fantastic news!

 Let’s start with the fantastic news shall we? Our THM Natural Burst Extracts are finally here!!! We know you’ve been waiting and waiting but good things do come to those who hang in there and today… this good thing has finally arrived!

It is time to burst true, natural flavor fun into your recipes and into your celebrations. We call these extracts “bursts” because that is exactly what they do… they amp up flavor in all your healthy treats. No more same ol’, plain ol’ flavor profiles. Natural Bursts will keep your taste buds tap dancing through any flavor whim. They are potent… just a couple drops go a long way in adding punch to your treats. You’ll probably only have to use half as much as you are used to with the extracts you are using now. No more watered down, weak or artificial stuff for us THM-ers!

 As with any Trim Healthy product, we have your health covered. Extracts too often mean fake ingredients or questionable extraction processes – not so with Natural Bursts. Integrity and purity spearhead the entire flavor extraction process and drive the choice of pure ingredients. 

We are proud to use and take back the word “natural.” This word has been so watered down and laced with deception and foolery just to make a buck. We stamp it on each bottle of Natural Burst with the fullness of its definition and with earnest intention. Our Natural Burst bottles list “natural flavors” in the ingredients but don’t think for a second it means what some other companies mean when they slyly list it on their products. We say NO to chemicals, NO to propylene glycol, NO to MSG and No to artificial anything!!!!! “Natural” finally means natural… what a concept!

Enjoy the first 6 members of the Natural Burst family… Caramel, Maple, Pineapple, Pecan, Coconut, and Cherry. Six more will join them soon to make a complete family of 12 Bursts. Stay tuned for when Banana, Vanilla, Apricot, Chocolate, Butter and Peanut Butter complete the set. Use Natural Bursts to celebrate your next kitchen adventure because the simple blessing of eating is a beautiful gift and is worth throwing a flavor party for.

Natural Bursts are launching at an introductory price of $5.99 for each 2-ounce bottle. (This is truly a great price for natural flavorings… please feel free to do a price comparison online for other natural extracts. We did our very best on this price.) Regular price will be $6.99 for each bottle (each one should last you a good while). If you want the set of 6 you get a further price reduction.

Watch the video below as we launch the extracts and show you how to make a delicious quick treat using Natural Burst Coconut Extract.

Check out more delicious recipes using our extracts here:

Tropical Cottage Whip
Maple Pecan Cold Brew
Pineapple Burst Smoothie
Wipe Your Mouth BBQ (with FP-version)
Salted Caramel Creamy Oolong
Meadow’s No-Bake Cookies

Further down in this article you’ll find two more recipes using the extracts, Kiss of Fall Cinnamon MIM and Chocolate Cherry Lava MIM.

Certified Coaching Program:

Recently we launched the Certified Trim Healthy Coaching Program. Some people simply need more one-on-one encouragement than the books and the Facebook groups offer. They need someone to walk right alongside them as their Trim Healthy journey begins… to help them with recipes, with menu making, perhaps even with cooking, with unique needs and challenges, and with trouble shooting. Or perhaps you’ve been on plan for a while but you’ve lost your passion, you’ve hit a bump in the road and you need help over it. This is where Trim Healthy Coaches can shine!

Featured in this EZine are six of our certified coaches. They share their THM stories with you, offer their best tips and tricks of how they make the plan work and also give you their best go-to recipe for the busy season.

Check out our FEATURED COACHES here:

Need a coach or perhaps you want to become a certified Trim Healthy Coach yourself?

You can find our DIRECTORY OF COACHES here:

Or, if you want to learn more about getting your own Trim Healthy Coaching Certification, we are having a very special $100 off price reduction in honor of this EZine.

This special will only last a week so be sure to get in on it.


School is back so that means life just got busier – whether your children are in school or you teach them at home. Yep, we know what that’s like because we’re going through the same thing. Feels like you have barely any time to create meals, right? You’re in need of easy, quick recipes to help you and your family from throwing in the towel and making crazy choices at the drive thru.

No need to give up or feel overwhelmed, we have included 21 awesome “Busy Season” recipes throughout this EZine edition that are going to carry you through this transition back to the harsh reality of “summer’s pretty much over”. You want sandwiches? You got ’em…. They’ll take you no more than 5 minutes to throw together for a quick lunch or dinner. You want an easy crock pot meal to fall back on? You got it. Who doesn’t want to come back home to a sweet and tangy BBQ chicken dish wafting from your crock pot and welcoming you back? You want a no-fuss, easy and delicious no-bake cookie to have on hand when your chocolate cravings hit? You got it!

Check out all of our “Back to Busy” recipes and drinks here.

Speaking of having instant treats on hand for this busy season… did you know our Muffin in a Mug packs are currently in a blowout sale? They are regularly $12.99 but we have to blow them out at a ridiculous $5.99 as the “use by” date will be up in a couple of months. Trim Healthy products usually last much longer than their “use by” dates and they are still awesomely good, but we do need to sell them out to make room for more – so catch the deal!

Want to combine the awesomeness of our new Natural Burst flavors with your savviness at getting the MIM packs for such a steal? Natural Burst extracts make the MIM’s even yummier! Try this with your next cinnamon MIM:

Kiss of Fall Cinnamon MIM (S)

Ingredients for the MIM:

– 1 egg
– 1 & 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
– 1 Tablespoon water
– 1 cinnamon flavored MIM packet
– 1 doonk Natural Pecan Burst extract
– 1 doonk Natural Maple Burst extract

Ingredients for the MIM Cream Cheese Icing:

– 1 teaspoon butter
– 2 teaspoons 1/3 less fat cream cheese
– 1 drop or doonk Natural Caramel Burst extract
– THM Gentle Sweet (to taste)

Instructions for the MIM:

1. With a fork, combine all the ingredients into a small bowl or microwave safe mug.
2. Microwave for 85-90 seconds or bake 12 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
3. Top with butter, dollop of whipped cream, or “MIM Cream Cheese Icing”.
Instructions for the MIM Cream Cheese Icing:
1. Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl.
2. Stir well until combined and smooth.
3. Spread on cooled MIM or warm a tad to drizzle onto a freshly baked MIM.

Did you know that you can make an E or a Fuel Pull muffin out of the MIM packets, too? Easy! Just use egg whites in place of the egg and take the oil or butter amount down to 1 teaspoon. Try out this new, amazing “Chocolate Cherry Lava MIM” that is great for breakfast or as a snack! Add more cherries as a topping for a proper E.


*DOWNLOAD a PDF of this recipe HERE:

Chocolate Cherry Lava MIM (E)


– 1/4 cup liquid egg whites
– 1 Tablespoon water
– 1 chocolate flavored MIM packet
– 1 doonk Natural Cherry Burst extract
– 1 teaspoon coconut oil
– 4 to 6 diced or chopped fresh or frozen cherries (more for topping, if desired)


1. Microwave for about 50 seconds for a yummy, oozy lava effect or bake at 350 degrees until it reaches desired doneness.

2. Top with additional cherries and a dollop of Reddi-Wip or 0% Greek yogurt.


*DOWNLOAD a PDF of this recipe HERE:


We mentioned making crazy choices at the Drive Thru… Well, we know you can’t always be in the safety of your kitchen making meals. Life happens… you’re out and about, going to sporting events or driving to and from work or school. You absolutely can make smart choices at fast food restaurants and we have the first ever official THM Guide to on-plan (or close to on-plan) items you can eat at fast food restaurants.

This guide can come to your THM rescue big time!

Now to end on a final piece of good news… our THM coffee from Guatemala is on its way! We predict this will be the most amazing coffee to have ever crossed your lips! It is more than organic, it is grown high up on a mountain top in Guatemala where the villagers who grow it are cut off from other civilization. The coffee beans are pollenated by bees and are grown with the natural shade of wild flora native to the mountain. The air is uncontaminated, the water pristine and the coffee… how can we even describe it… so flavorful but without any hint of acid. We don’t yet have a name for this coffee. This is where you can help! Want to win 6-months worth of our coffee? Be the one who thinks of the best name for our THM Guatemalan coffee. We’ll announce this contest soon on our official Facebook groups and pages.

Have a fantastic busy season! May God encourage your spirit as you learn day by day to choose life in your meals and in your home life.

Can we leave you with this verse:

“…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.” – Deuteronomy 30:19

Much Love,

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