Heather Small:

Nearly 5 & 1/2 years ago, a friend of mine was SO excited about a book about nutrition. Her excitement was contagious! I decided to read that big Encyclopedia sized book too! Enter in the original THM book. I had been bouncing back and forth between calorie counting and hunger and fullness eating at that time. I was weight obsessed, but cared little about my actual health. After losing many babies to miscarriage (due to a blood clotting antibody that caused miscarriages and at the time having a very sick baby boy), because of a complicated pregnancy (that we realized later was a result of high blood sugar), I realized I needed to put more of a priority on my health. I also had a very unhealthy relationship with food. In the past, I had experienced anorexia at one point, as well as a binge disorder later. Food and my weight were constantly on the forefront of my mind.

When I first started THM I wasn’t at an unhealthy weight, but I was unhealthy on the inside. I was not nourishing my body or my mind. I was my own worst enemy. THM has helped me see myself from God’s perspective, as His creation, fearfully and wonderfully made! I want to honor Him with my body now, in the way I care for it! I now enjoy food more than ever before! My body stays at a great, healthy size! It’s no longer fluctuating up and down. It stays right where it should be for me to thrive! I no longer crave unhealthy food! To me, this is food freedom! I am SO thankful for the gift of THM!

As a coach, some of my superpowers, are helping my clients find freedom from eating disorders (and overeating), and how to do THM during pregnancy and nursing. (I’ve nursed 3 on plan, and had 2 fabulous, uncomplicated THM pregnancies.) I’m able to help with how to do THM when you have food sensitivities (I have a daughter with tons), how THM can help you heal PCOS (I have 2 daughters who have had PCOS), and how to keep THM simple, quick, and easy. I am a very busy home school mama of 8, ranging from 7 months to 24 years, and a Mimi of 1, with 2 more on the way!

Some tips I would offer on how to keep THM simple:

– Use those Sweat Pants Oatmeals Pearl and Serene talk about. Pick a couple of your favorite breakfasts, and lunches, and snacks and alternate those throughout the week.

– For dinners, THM-ify your favs! For example, use low-carb tortillas for tacos, and Dreamfield’s noodles for pasta dishes. Obviously, I’m a Drive Thru Sue!

– Another tip I have is to be sure to find a healthy on-plan replacement for whatever it is you love! For me this was pizza and sweets. I always keep on-plan treats made up and around… and try to have my pizza dough on-hand as well.

The following is a fix for my sweet tooth and so easy to throw together:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Rice Cakes (S)


– Natural peanut butter
– Stevia-sweetened chocolate chips like Lily’s or THM chocolate chips
– Brown rice cakes (I use Aldi’s brand with 4 net carbs.)
– Gentle sweet, or powdered xylitol (to taste)



1. Spread the peanut butter over the rice cake.
2. Top with chocolate chips and a sprinkle of Gentle sweet.
Recipe Notes:
To safely stay in S-mode, enjoy only 1 rice cake.

I have a Facebook page called Abundant Health with Coach Heather. You can find me doing my THM FB lives there, as well as THM articles, tips, recipes, and a list of the services I provide.

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And my contact info is [email protected], and 205-617-1306.

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