Trim Train Taco Soup (FP)
This THM original soup first appeared in Woman’s World (May 9, 2016 edition) titled as “Secret-Ingredient Weight-Loss Soup”. Even as a FP this soup is deliciously rich. If desired, make it an S by topping with some sour cream and grated cheese. Or make it an E by adding a handful of cooked beans and sprinkling some baked corn chips on top. Top with chopped cilantro and a dollop of Greek yogurt, if desired. This recipe makes 12 huge servings or 14 large servings – dish up half of this soup as a hearty dinner to feed a family of 6 then set aside the rest for quick, single-serve meals throughout the week. It will easily last five to seven days in the fridge or freezes well in individual portions.
  1. Brown meat in large soup pot. If browned meat is not at least 96% lean, rinse it well under very hot water in a colander to release all fat.
  2. Return meat to pot, add sliced peppers and onions, plus all spices and flavorings and sauté with meat until veggies defrost and begin to tenderize.
  3. Add the can of Rotel tomatoes, the can of petite diced tomatoes and the chicken broth, then let simmer.
  4. Put frozen cauliflower florets in blender with nearly half of the boiling water and puree until perfectly smooth (if you have a small blender this may require two batches). Add creamed cauliflower to soup pot.
  5. Put diced, frozen okra in blender with the remaining boiling water, gelatin powder (or collagen powder), and coconut oil.
  6. Blend all well until completely smooth and creamified (there should be no little bits of okra left). Add the okra mixture to the soup pot.
  7. Simmer until the soup is hot and flavors have melded. (A longer simmer time will reduce the amount of “foam” that the okra can sometimes create.)
  8. Taste test to “own it”! As written, this is a mild-flavored soup that will fit most people’s palates. If you are a spice lover… add more of the flavors you love!
Recipe Notes

* Gelatin Note:

If you are new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan, or if you have not yet bought grass-fed gelatin or collagen, feel free to use a store-bought gelatin such as the Knox brand. Grass-fed gelatin holds more health benefits, but we don’t want to hold you off from making the soup and receiving the other great health benefits from it.


About Trim Train Taco Soup:

It is a magic pot of trimming tricks, but it tastes like you’re binging at a Mexican restaurant … scarfing down hundreds of fatty calories. It wows you with its bold taste, decadent mouth feel, and satiating, filling power. Jump off the diet carousel that never goes anywhere but in circles and get on board the Trim Train! This soup can start your Trim Healthy Mama journey off right and take you where you want to go!

A study published June of 2005 in Obesity Research found that diets including broth based soup on a daily basis resulted in almost double the amount of weight loss. The problem with typical diet broth soups is they make you feel deprived and “hangry”. You dream of pouring your insipid soup down the kitchen sink and filling up on a twelve inch sub followed by a Twinkie. Trim Train soup is broth based yet it smashes the diet soup stereotype to smithereens. It leaves you feeling nourished, nurtured, and full to the brim. Don’t limit yourself to one measly cup. Ladle a huge comforting bowl full, sit down to bliss and say… “Aahh… now this I can do for life!”.

Ultimate weight loss meals are:

1. Anchored in protein
2. High in fiber
3. Contain healthy fats
4. Have high water content

Trim Train Taco Soup has all these boxes ticked, but in new, super powered ways that will blow your mind.

Protein Centered – It is not just protein itself but the balance of “types” of protein in this soup that make it so special. Many diets tout protein as important, but imbalanced protein meals are less slimming and healthy. In this soup lean meat sets an adequate protein foundation, but the hidden protein super hero here is glycine rich gelatin (or collagen if preferred, which is simply gelatin that has its amino acids broken down into smaller peptides for ease of digestion. Another difference is that it will not gel when cooled like traditional gelatin). Glycine is an amino acid that is sadly lacking in our modern diet and it is found in abundance in gelatin. It has many talents but most powerful is its ability to strip fat from your body. Gelatin powder is best used as a pure supplement, derived from grass fed cows like Just Gelatin from, or Integral Collagen from But you can use any plain gelatin found at your local grocery store to get started on this soup. Gelatin/collagen powder is also known to heal gut issues, aid in digestion, support the immune system, detoxify the liver, soothe anxiety, ease insomnia, increase production of human growth hormone, fight arthritis, strengthen nails, remineralize teeth, enable better hair growth, and help with skin elasticity by smoothing skin. These are just a meager list of the many benefits gelatin/collagen bestows.
Fiber Rich – Two superfood veggies are secretly blended into this soup. Unless you don’t do the blending you’d never know they are there, so no need to let picky family members in on your secret. These veggies aid in the creamy mouth feel of the broth, but also offer wonderful fiber content and other health and slimming benefits. Welcome okra and cauliflower to center stage … Okra has extraordinary blood sugar- regulating, gut healing, and slimming powers. It sometimes has a bad rap as being a slimy vegetable, but it is this very famous liquid fiber called mucilage that is a phenomenal aid to weight loss. It also moisturizes your intestines, heals and soothes an irritable bowel, soothes stomach ulcers, helps prevent colon cancer, and provides good bacteria to your inner ecology. Both cauliflower and okra are rich sources of vitamin C which helps your body burn fat faster. The red peppers in this soup are also packed with vitamin C and make this soup a beauty food as vitamin C along with gelatin/collagen smooths the skin and helps prevent premature aging. Cauliflower is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which stimulate leptin, a hormone in your body which tells you when you are full and improves your body’s response to insulin.
Contains Healthy Fats – The high fat taste in this soup is just an illusion and is caused by the magic that occurs when okra and coconut oil are blended together. In reality there is very little fat included – just 3 Tablespoons in the whole extra-large batch. Coconut oil is a true trimming oil. It raises the thermogenic temperature of your body and this ignites your fat burning potential. The middle chain triglycerides in coconut oil gift a quickly absorbed energy source, fuel a tired brain, beautify the skin and enhance as well as defend the immune system.
High Water Content – The hidden veggies in this soup contain high water content, and along with the added extra water and broth provide a high volume meal. You get a large bowl of goodness to eat and your body is cleansed, detoxified and hydrated! Go ahead, climb aboard the Trim Train and don’t say “choo choo” cause that rhymes with “boo boo” … the very thing conventional diets make you want to say when you have to count those boring calories. We say “Trim Trim” aboard this victory ride because that rhymes with “Win Win! I’m finally gonna be “Slim Slim!”