One year ago, my friend Sherri S. told me about Trim Healthy Mama for my prediabetic son . . . she did so much more than help my son . . . she changed my family tree.

When I started THM, I was wearing XL scrubs, 18/20 clothes that were all sausage casing tight. Now I EASILY fit into medium scrubs (and have started buying smalls because many of my mediums are too large on me!) and wear size 8 and 10 clothes. Size SMALL in many items.

The NSV’s over the past year are immense!

*Off all thyroid meds (I have both graves’ and hashimoto’s)

*I no longer have insomnia – omgosh, it’s GLORIOUS!

*My breast tissue is no longer very dense – the technician actually thought she had the wrong films from previous scans, my tissue is so textbook looking now!

*I have plenty of energy . . . no longer have that 2pm droop.

*My metabolism is FIXED!

*I do not have morning/all day nausea . . . if anything I can eat my weight in spinach and eggs first thing in the morning.

*My skin feels soft – no weird lumpies anywhere!

*My varicose veins – are all but gone! There’s only 2 left – and they’re still fading – they used to be scary thick and very lumpy – had great concerns about throwing blood clots they were so large – if you feel the skin around those varicose veins, the skin is smooth . . . amazing!

*My body gradually shrunk into a very pretty body shape . . . I like my body now! It had been hiding for a while.

*Recently did bone density scan – and my bone density is off the charts good! I’m a 44 year-old woman with the bones of a 12 year-old! Not too bad (and yes, I do joke I have a dense molecular structure – related to Superman, *grin*) and that bone density result just reinforces it!

*Oh, a big NSV is that I do not have constipation issues at all. I love that! I also have celiac disease and Waardenburg Syndrome (only have GI involvement, interestingly, I’m hearing, not Deaf.)

I am sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Stats – I started in the 200 pound range, give or take 20 pounds. I know I was up to 270 pounds there for a while. That picture on left is me around 220 pounds. The picture on the right, taken today!

Was the organizer of an entire town children’s halloween party . . . seemed appropriate to dress up as Wonder Woman. *grin*. I weigh 151 pounds in that picture. I’m 5’5″ tall. The testing I did along with bone density suggested I lose another 11 pounds. I looked at the woman that day and said, ‘Where? Where do I need to lose it? I feel great, I look great, I don’t agree with your computer results.’ And she honestly agreed with me. I don’t care if I ever lose that last 11 pounds. I wasn’t really ‘in’ THM to lose weight . . . that was just an incredible bonus!

My entire family trimmed down too on the journey. My husband has ABS (stomach muscles)! and he doesn’t work out! My middle kid, he’s looking pretty darn awesome and his a1c numbers are looking pretty good, too!

Forever grateful to the sisters for sharing their knowledge. It has changed my family tree and I have hope for the future. Hope I will see my children grow up and even meet THEIR children. . . My genetic history isn’t the greatest and I really didn’t think that was a possibility for me. But now, I have that hope and excitement for the future. . .