I had heard about THM from a friend right after the Original book was released, but I was so doubtful that it would ever work for me. After all, nothing else ever had. I was still hopeful and ordered my book.

It was massive, but I read it over Thanksgiving day 2012. I made a plan and started the next day. For me, it was just deciding I was going to just give this a real try. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t a diet . . . there were no real limits on what I had to eat or avoid. I could still enjoy coffee and wine. I could eat pasta. I didn’t have limits or feel like I needed to starve.

My body immediately responded to the changes I was making, and I’ve never looked back. I lost 45 pounds in that first year and have maintained since then.

Things that I have learned to be helpful with THM are to remember the non-starchies and be open-minded with new things. Sometimes it takes a few times before you get used to new tastes. Think you don’t like green smoothies? You might just need to try a different blend of veggies. Are you feeling tired or like you’re not getting enough to eat? Then you probably aren’t getting enough. Add those non starchies, like berries, cabbage and greens, to each meal. Challenge yourself to see how many you can get at each meal!

Don’t break the bank buying a bunch of special products! It might challenge how you’ve always done things, but it will open new options for you as well.

I started THM as a 43 year-old nursing mama, and now I’m about to turn 49 and am in the midst of peri-menopause. How THM looks now for me is very different; my body has different needs now than it did then. As a lifestyle, you have to continue looking at what is working for you at that time.
THM isn’t about trying to be someone you’re not. It isn’t about following someone else’s menu or plan. It’s about learning what makes you healthy, feel great and look good.ĂŠThanks Pearl and Serene!”