Beef Pot Roast (S)

This pot roast recipe is perfect for a Sunday afternoon meal or for a big family gathering! You can add vegetables such as onions and celery to the crock pot a few hours before serving. You may also add a small side salad to round out the meal! Enjoy!

Servings: 6 or more; varies depending on size of roast selected


– 1 beef pot roast
– water
– mineral salt (to season)
– black pepper (to season)
– onion powder (to season)
– Bragg’s liquid aminos (to season)

– Rosemary (to taste)


1. Place one large beef roast in crockpot
2. Completely cover with water
3. Season with salt, pepper, onion powder, and optional rosemary.
4. Simmer all day on high
5. Once ready, place on a serving dish and separate meat with fork. Squirt Braggs Liquid Aminos over the fork pulled beef, or add a little more salt and pepper.



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