Turkey Bone Broth (FP)

Hardly any work.. cheap as dirt.. better than any expensive health food supplement! All you need is leftover bones, water, and an old crockpot. It takes two big roasting chickens or three fryers to get roughly 2 pounds of bones, which is what youíll need to make this stock. This is without any meat attached. There are many recipes out there for stocks using bones with some meat on them, but we never have that option because thereís never a morsel of meat left on the bone in our house. If you are using turkey, venison, or beef marrow bones, just use the same poundage recommendation. Donít stress about exact ounces. Another thing not to stress about are the veggies and herbsójust use what you have. This recipe makes approximately 2 & 1/2 quarts of bone stock.

Servings: Multiple-serve


For the Broth…
– 2 lbs carcasses and mixed bones (your left over Holiday turkey)
– 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
– 2 & 1/2 quarts cold water

Optional Veggies…
– 1 medium onion (with skin, chopped in half) (optional)
– 1 bulb garlic (with peel, cut in half) (optional)
– 2 stalks celery (with leaves, roughly chopped) (optional)
– 1 carrot (with ends, unpeeled, roughly chopped) (optional)

Optional Herbs…
– 1 bay leaf (optional)
– 1/2 bunch fresh parsley (optional)
– 1 or 2 sprigs fresh thyme (optional)
– 3 or 4 leaves fresh sage (optional)


1. Place the bones in a large crockpot along with the vinegar and water. Add the veggies and herbs, and let sit for 30 minutes so the vinegar can begin pulling the goodness from the bones. (This is not a huge deal; if you start your stock at night before you go to bed and donít want to wait, just omit this step.)
2. Set the cooker on low and cook for 12 to 24 hours.
3. The next day, strain the stock in a colander. Put the stock in the refrigerator to allow the fat to rise and solidify on the top (see Recipe Notes below). Skim the fat (save it in zippered bags in the fridge or freezer for gravies and for flavoring S meals). Separate the stock into cup-size portions and freeze in zippies for future use.


“There is a gadget called a grease separator. This cup device catches and separates the grease from the stock immediately, so you donít have to deal with the cooling step.” – Serene


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