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Get started on a Trim Healthy Lifestyle!

Forget the fads! Choose the sane & steady path to a slim waistline & better health!

You never have to say goodbye to bread, a steak or a juicy apple again!

You can find food joy & freedom without having to ditch carbs, shun fats or obsessively count calories.

Your body needs both carbs and fats. Once you learn to eat them in the wise trim healthy way, all these wonderful, God given foods can be part of your slimming, family friendly lifestyle. No guilt, anxiety or out of control weight.

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$45 in savings

*if purchased separately

  • Trim Healthy Starter: A full-color, spiral-bound guide to the Trim Healthy lifestyle. Includes 50 of the easiest, most delicious & stress-free recipes to get you going.
  • 1-year membership to TrimHealthyMembership.com: Gain access to our ever-growing Recipe Database, the exclusive Menu Builder, community forums, exclusive video, audio & much more!
  • The VIP “Starting Line” video tutorial series!


$77 in savings

*if purchased separately

  • Everything from the Starter Book Combo: The Trim Healthy Starter book, a 1-year membership to TrimHealthyMembership.com & the VIP “Starting Line” video tutorial series
  • An 11-piece Trim Healthy Product Bundle: The most helpful & popular starter ingredients! Includes Trim Healthy Baking Blend, sweeteners, protein powder, Baobab Boost Powder & others!

Start trimming even faster with the most helpful starter ingredients. You sure don’t need special ingredients to work the Trim Healthy plan, but these products ensure you don’t have to go shopping around for them. They match all the recipes in your starter book so you can start eating healthy cake and other goodies as soon as you like!

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