Inspiring Testimony from this Trim Healthy Man (show this to your husband’s, Ladies)!

My name is Bruce P. and I live in west central Ohio in a little town called Cairo. I am a tradesman by trade who installs flooring and does small remodel projects.

I always joked around with people that I could eat what ever I wanted because I burnt it off and that I didn’t have to go to the gym because I got all the exercise I needed at work. Well, after I turned fifty, that started to change. I think my metabolism slowed down and I began to slow down. I started gaining storage fat around my midsection mostly. From age 50 to 54 I went from about 175 lbs to 188 lbs. I thought no big deal, I will work it off some day.

We have always been a pretty healthy family as my wife was a stay-at-home-Mom raising five kids. We ate a lot of fruits and veggies, soda pop was rare, and whole grains were used, etc. After we became empty nesters, my wife was determined to get rid of her unwanted extra weight. About three years ago she quit sugar, cold turkey. In a year and a half or so, she lost about 30 lbs. Then she started implementing the principles of Trim Healthy Mama and lost another 30 lbs!

I was watching her success and the vitality she was enjoying. She has always been beautiful, but she has become pretty fetching lately! Well, I was getting pretty tired of getting winded easily, feeling sluggish, and having those darn love handles! Incidentally, my wife had been introducing THM meals and desserts for over a year, some openly and some covertly! Finally, I said to her, ‘Okay, I give up! Whatever you are doing food wise I am ready to jump in. Right here, right now!’ I quit sugar immediately and she fixed me my first S Meal the next morning and we haven’t looked back! She is delighted that we are eating the same foods now, so she doesn’t have to cook or bake twice anymore! We adjust things a little for me, because I can handle more crossovers because of my work.

Anyway, I have lost about 17 lbs and have been eating more variety of foods than ever before. More importantly, I feel so much better! In fact I am now doing strength building exercises. I had an epiphany a couple months ago as I thought about professional athletes and athletes in general. ATHLETES DO NOT PLAY THE GAME TO STAY FIT, THE STAY FIT SO THEY CAN PLAY THE GAME! My thinking was all wrong. Because I have a job that depends on my ability to do physical labor it is all the more important that I stay healthy and strong! Just want to thank you all for the knowledge you have shared so we can be nutritionally free!

Attached are two photos. One from this past Easter and I had not started the plan yet.
The other is a picture is of my wife and I at the Zoo last weekend.