Mamas, can we talk about FEAR?

For years and years I ate because I was afraid of being hungry. Even for the first 18 months of my Trim Healthy Mama journey I ate more than I needed to, not because I was hungry, but because I was afraid I might BECOME hungry before my next meal.

My life has been so hectic over the last few months that many of my snacks and meals have become smaller, and have been eaten on the run. (Not ideal, but survivable for a time.) And you know what I’ve found? Hunger is nothing to fear! It’s only my body letting me know that it’s ready for more fuel, and it will typically wait patiently for me to feed it, even if I can’t do so right away!

I’ve learned that what I’ve actually been afraid of all these years wasn’t hunger, but the sugar crash that used to follow after the sugar high so many of my meals created! Thanks to THM there are no more crashes, no more shakiness, no more lightheadedness, just a gentle sustained energy that ebbs and flows as I fuel my body.

Makes me wonder what other fears it’s time to get rid of!

21 months in. 50 pounds gone. I’m never going back.