These wraps can revolutionize your food world. They’re a great choice for purists who don’t want to use any Frankenfood, or low-carb wraps from the store, but they’re easy enough for any Drive Thru Sue to master. See the Recipe Notes below for “practice makes perfect” tips… It’s a great idea to make the family-size batch every week, and keep them in your fridge (put teenagers or older children to work—we have teens who are better than we are at this now). Wonder Wraps make fast, no-think lunches for home or work, and they are sturdy enough to hold up well when stuffed with meats and veggies. For instance, it might be as simple and quick as stuffing the wraps with diced avocado and tomato. Or, you can create wonderful whole meals found in the THM cookbooks like “Wonder Fish Tacos”, “Enchilada Wonder Casserole”, or “Wonder-Wrap-Ful Lasagna”.

  1. Whisk together all the food ingredients in a bowl. Allow the batter to sit for a few minutes.
  2. Heat a stovetop or electric griddle to 275°F (low/medium) and coat lightly with coconut oil spray. (For the Family-serve: You may need to refresh the griddle a few more times with coconut oil spray as you make your big batch of wraps.)
  3. Put 2 rounded tablespoons of batter on the heated griddle and immediately spread it as thin as possible, using circular motions with your spoon until it resembles the shape of a wrap or a medium-size tortilla. Cook, turning over after the first side is golden, and continuing to cook the other side until very lightly golden. Continue to make more wraps until the batter is used up.
Recipe Notes

Concerning “practice makes perfect”… Don’t abandon this if you (or your teen) mess up a little on your first attempt – practice makes perfect. The key is to spread them out as thin as you can on your griddle, using the back of your spoon. Don’t keep them thick, or they’ll be like rubber wraps, and nobody wants that. At first, make only one wrap at a time. Once you become a Wonder Wrappin’ expert, you can make two at a time to build your stacks of wraps faster. Watch the Wonder Wrap video we have on our website, if you need visual instruction on how to make these. We also give lots of ideas on what to fill them with.

Concerning the serving size… If this is not enough for those with heartier appetites, you can up the single-serve recipe to 1 tablespoon psyllium with 1⁄2 cup egg whites and still easily remain in FP-mode.

The Wonder Wraps recipe and other delicious THM recipes can be found at

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Make this immune boosting, blood sugar friendly juice in under a minute for you and your kids! This is the all-day sipper recipe that Serene serves to her children and has shared on the “Poddies”. The taste is great and may remind you of a “pineapple citrus lemony” sherbet! The THM Baobab Boost Powder is the “star” of this recipe. Baobab has more antioxidants than anything on the planet and has 10 times the amount of Vitamin C than oranges! The THM Baobab Boost powder will boost your immune system & nutrients to the next level! Continue reading about baobab’s health benefits below in the Recipe Notes.

  1. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a tall glass.
  2. Stir in 1 teaspoon of THM Baobab Boost Powder and mix well. You can add a small amount of water at this time to properly mix and dissolve the baobab.
  3. Add one doonk of THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder and continue to mix well.
  4. Fill your glass with ice and then enough water to fill your glass to the top. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Health Benefits of the THM Baobab Boost Powder…

Boost Juice is a one-of-a-kind health tonic that is perfect when you are sick and need a boost to your immune system, but is also perfect to drink everyday to keep you energized while boosting your daily nutrition! This drinks features our Baobab Boost Powder which is your multi-tasking, multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that you need in your life! And best of all it is 100% real food!

Its citrus and sherbet tasting dried flesh has five times the fiber of oats, and higher antioxidant levels than any food on the planet (8 times that of the super berry Acai, and more than both blueberries and pomegranates combined!) It has more than twice the calcium of milk, double the magnesium and iron of spinach and is loaded with six times the potassium of bananas.

Most importantly, Baobab Boost is a delicious way of boosting your vitamin C. Having a rich supply of this vitamin is a huge game changer when it comes to losing weight. Vitamin C depleted people are resistant to fat loss. Clinical studies show those with adequate vitamin C levels oxidize 30% more fat during exercise than individuals with low levels. Plainly put, vitamin C helps prevent weight gain and makes it easier to lose it. It also improves blood sugar levels and supports adrenal health (adrenal depleted people are often resistant to fat loss). Vitamin C also enables proteins such as collagen and gelatin to work more effectively and safely in your body.

The Boost Juice recipe and other delicious THM recipes can be found at

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Start your day the “Trimmy Way” and your health and weight-loss goals will be reset every morning. Any steaming hot drink can be easily creamed the slimming Trimmaccino way. The end result is frothy and creamy. Baby step your way into the world of Trimmies and start enjoying this creamy, hot beverage and take advantage of it’s slimming and healing benefits today!

US Imperial
  1. Place all of the ingredients, except the whey protein powder, in a blender.
  2. Hold the lid on tightly and blend for 10-30 seconds on the lowest setting.
  3. Lift lid off of the blender and add the 1 teaspoon of whey protein powder while the blender is “whirring”.
  4. Turn the blender to the highest setting “after” adding the whey protein powder for about 10 seconds, or blend until frothy and deliciously creamy (or use a stick blender).
Recipe Notes
*Please review and follow the manufacturer's instructions on using hot liquids in your blender, or use a tall heatproof cup and an immersion blender. Our Trimmaccino's do allow for a natural venting of steam when removing the lid to add whey powder.  Make sure to start the blender on low, not high.

DF (if omitting the whey protein powder)

The Basic Coffee Trimmy and the following versions can be found in the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Cookbook.

Trimmaccino Rich (S) p. 430

Trimmaccino Light (FP) p. 430

Hot Chocolate Trimmy (FP) p. 431

Matcha Marvel Trimmy (FP) p. 431

Mighty Maca Trimmy (FP) p. 431

Ginger Cream Trimmy (FP) p. 432

Chai Trimmy (FP) p. 432

Vanilla Rooibos Trimmy (FP) p. 433

Turmeric Toddy Trimmy (FP) p. 433

The Basic Coffee Trimmy recipe and other delicious THM recipes can be found at and you can also watch Serene and Pearl make this recipe by tuning into THM TV - "In the Kitchen". Look for the title "Trimmy Therapy" to learn more about the "Trimmy" and how to fill your tummy with all of the warm, soothing goodness that comes from having a Trimmy every day!
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You can find the Apple Pie Sip on page 404 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. If apple pie is what gets you going, then you are about to dive head first into the deep end of scrumptious apple pie flavor. Your choice – enjoy this drink hot or cold. Apple pie & vanilla ice cream was the inspiration for this recipe and it delivers. You have our assurance that you can sip on this all day long and only do kind favors to your waistline in the process. Like our other all day sippers, this is a Fuel Pull beverage. You can roll your tongue around the flavors of good ol’ American apple pie at your whim on these nippy fall days while still making strides toward goal weight. This is a single serve recipe that makes 1 full quart to be sipped on all day. Recipe can be doubled for a 2-quart sipper!

For the Concentrate
  1. Steep the chamomile tea bags in a mug of boiled water for several minutes. Remove the tea bags and discard.
  2. Pour the tea into a blender and add all the remaining ingredients except the ice (if using). Blend until whipped and frothy. This is your pie concentrate.
For a Chilled Apple Pie Sip
  1. Fill your quart jar to the top with ice and then top off with pure water.
  2. Stir… taste and adjust the flavors until you “own it”. You’re all done!
For a Hot Apple Pie Sip
  1. Put the entire blender of concentrate into a 1 quart jar and add boiling water all the way to the top of your jar.
  2. Stir… taste and adjust the flavors until you “own it”. You’re all done!
  3. Pour your hot Apple Pie Sip into a sealed carafe and enjoy a steaming hot mug of apple goodness whenever you need a fix throughout your day or evening.
Recipe Notes

Serving Suggestions:

– If you do not have the MCT oil or whey protein powder, you can substitute with 1/2 cup of *unsweetened almond milk.

– If this drink is too tart then add a little more pure stevia extract and vanilla. Remember that the mineral salt balances out the flavor spectrum and also provides electrolytes and minerals.


DF (If using almond milk in place of THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder.)

NSI (If using almond milk in place of THM Pristine protein powder; coconut oil in place of MCT oil; xanthan gum in place of gluccie.)


The Apple Pie Sip recipe and other delicious THM recipes can be found at

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This recipe went viral when we posted it on our fan page on Facebook. Here’s why – as its name suggests, this drink helps shrink your fat cells. The combined thermogenic boosting ingredients promote energy and speed up your metabolism. But you’ll want to drink this simply because it tastes good! The Shrinker is not a meal replacement, keep up your regular THM meals and snacks, but it is designed to be sipped between set times of eating. It helps resist the urge to graze, scarf, or over-snack. This is a single serve recipe that makes 1 full quart to be sipped on all day. Recipe can be doubled for a 2-quart sipper! This recipe can be found on page 400 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook!

  1. Steep the tea bags in a mug of boiled water. Allow to cool somewhat and discard the tea bags.
  2. Pour the tea into a blender and add the almond milk, salt, vanilla, sweetener, cinnamon, and cayenne. This is your Shrinker concentrate. Blend well.
  3. Place the concentrate in a quart jar and fill to the top with ice cubes. Add enough cold water so the liquid reaches the top of the jar. Put a lid on the jar, shake well, then taste and adjust flavors. “Own it!!!!”
Recipe Notes

RECIPE AUTHOR: Serene Allison

Healing Shrinker: You can make this a Healing Shrinker by omitting the nut milk and replacing with ½ teaspoon of Just Gelatin, 1 teaspoon Integral Collagen, 1 teaspoon MCT oil, and an optional ¼ teaspoon Sunflower Lecithin. You will dissolve the gelatin into the mug of hot brewed tea, stir very well, then add to the blender along with the collagen, oil, lecithin, and ½ cup cold water. This makes an ultra-creamy shrinker.


NSI (If using store-bought, plan-approved sweetener and using the ingredients for the original recipe and not the Healing Shrinker)

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