See the ‘Glenda’ staring out at the ocean? She was searching for answers back then, and had been doing so for many years.

She ended up with a high weight of 310.8 pounds and feared the numbers would continue to climb.

I see people reaching out on these Facebook pages, asking us WHY should they try Trim Healthy Mama plan. It’s a JOY to see so many compassionate ‘Momas’ answering and helping. The ‘WHY?’ for me began as a desperation to have relief from chronic pain, especially legs/knees and to be free from food addiction. This is the healthiest most sustainable way of eating I’ve ever found.

I’ve struggled for so many years on so many plans. I learned valuable skills from everything I tried, but Trim Healthy Mama gave me FREEDOM by removing my addiction to sugars of a kinds and high glycemic carbs. I had struggled with compulsive/emotional overeating since childhood. For 20+ years I even fell into bulimia and the lie it would take away my emotional pain and weight. Thanks to THM, my food cravings are gone and stay gone when I eat on plan. That means more to me than the 137.4 pounds I have lost so far! I already had 38.2 pounds off when I began THM 6/30/2016 and have lost the rest on THM plan.

I’ve got 24.4 pounds left to reach my current goal. BEST of all I have a LIFESTYLE that will keep my weight off and help me stay healthy as I possibly can for the rest of my life.

I encourage you to do what others advised me to do when I began: READ the plan, (plan book and now we also have the intro chapters to the newest cookbook), listen to the weekly podcast, learn about helpful bloggers who help explain the plan and develop recipes and meal plans, ask questions on this and other THM Facebook pages. Just commit to learning one day at a time and use what you learn. It’s okay not to know every single detail all at once. When I began God spoke into my heart: ‘LOVE yourself healthy ONE day at a time!’ and ‘Just.DON’T.Quit!’ Am I perfect? NO! My hope and prayer is that God would use me just as I am to encourage others as others have done for me!