Are you also “new” to Trim Healthy Mama? Here’s an inspiring testimony and some great tips to start your New Year from a THMer of 2 Years!

“It’s my 2 year Trimmiversary! 2 years ago for Christmas, I asked for the book and my hubby got it. I’ve lost 70lbs and have been maintaining my goal weight for about 6 months.

I am the smallest I’ve ever been. More than that, I have gained health and been freed from food addiction. God has used this plan to heal me in many ways. I actually love myself! I used to have chronic migraines and now I rarely get them. I have so much more energy, and my brain fog is gone.

Tips: Just keep going! I did not do things perfectly in the beginning, but I gave myself grace and moved on.

Keep it simple, especially at first! I ate many of the same things because they were simple. I started with using Stevia as the only ‘special’ ingredient.

Your taste buds will change! I hated just about any sweet when I first started out. Now I love them all. I hated Swiss bread, now I like it! It takes time for taste buds to adapt.

Don’t cheat if you can help it. I only ate off plan on purpose once in the 2 years. I can always find something to eat no matter where I go.

Plan ahead! I know I love sweets so I take a couple of hours and make things for the week. That way I am not reaching for off plan items when I need a sweet treat.”