THM Fertility Testimony: Bethany Bruce

Bethany Bruce – Fertility through THM Testimony

I started Trim Healthy Mama in September of 2016. My sister-in-law, Melanie, gets all the props for introducing THM to me! Within 3-months of being on plan 100%, I started getting my periods. And then within a few more months, my periods started to be normal every 32 to 34 days apart! This amazed me because since my early teen years (when I learned of my PCOS diagnosis) I have had very irregular periods… sometimes going 6 or more months without one.

Fast forward to July of 2017, I was feeling odd so I decided (mostly for fun) to take a pregnancy test. AND… to my SURPRISE it was positive! (A funny… My husband looked at me and said: “How did that happen?!” LOL!)

See in 2009, after almost 4-years of marriage and little to no periods, we had prayed about our next step to having a family. We decided then to start with having my tubes checked and that led to needing fertility shots. We were very blessed to become pregnant with our “miracle girl.” I had our daughter at 23 weeks and 4 days. She was 1 and 1/2 pounds and 11 and 1/2 inches long. She spent 4 months and 5 days in the NICU. She is now a wonderful 9-year old who is mildly autistic.

A year after we brought our daughter home from the hospital, we wanted to try and have another baby. We ran into the same problem after a few years of trying. I underwent more surgery on my ovaries to remove cysts and had to have fertility shots again. We had our son Keaton.

When Keaton was a year old, we wanted to try for one more baby. And so, we repeated the process again because my PCOS had gotten so bad. Thank the Lord, we were once again blessed with our sweet Leightyn.

We thought that fertility treatments were the route to having a family, and we were very thankful for them. We were happy with the 3 little miracles that God had given us.

Like I mentioned before, I started THM in September of 2016. And then, in July of 2017, after 12 years of marriage and having had to undergo those 3 rounds of fertility treatments in order to get pregnant before… we NEVER expected to get a positive pregnancy test! (I must have taken 30 pregnancy tests over a weeks time period!)

Don’t get me wrong, we knew God was able! And we were soooooooo beyond excited about this precious baby that He had given us. It was such a wonderful surprise!!

I continued THM throughout my pregnancy and only gained 14-pounds. Our THM baby, Gwyn, was born April 9, 2018 weighing 7-pounds even. I breast fed Gwyn for 9 months. When nursing, I used a good combination of S and E meals and at least one Crossover daily. I had wonderful, creamy/fatty breast milk! 🙂 My milk was so healthy due to my healthy eating. She was the fattest baby I’ve ever had!

Bethany’s kids getting ready for Baby Gwyn:

Baby Gwyn: Born April 9, 2018 weighing 7-pounds even:

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