Introducing… Chillax Topical Cream!

The amazing CBD tinctures we’ve recently released are helping so many but now we want to offer something that we believe may be even more effective and bio-available.

Chillax cream contains the same powerful calming herbs found in our Chillax oral tincture with 300 mg of CBD isolate in the jar. The original formula was designed to help calm the nervous system, settle hyper behavior, encourage better sleep, improve mood and anxiety levels, ease pain… the list goes on and on and we’re so thrilled to have received so many testimonies of how it has already helped entire families. But we knew there would be children (and many adults) who could benefit from Chillax but not all of them would be able to, or want to supplement with the oral tincture. How do you tell a four-year-old to hold the liquid under their tongue for 30 seconds when they’re having a melt down? Also, the oral formula takes an hour or two to get into the body’s system. Kids need quick calming! And sometimes… so do Mom or Dad!


How Does The Cream Work?


Chillax has a patent pending, CBD delivery system that interacts with the cannabinoids in your skin then deeply penetrates into your blood stream for much faster and even more effective relief. You can deeply relax as Catnip, Chamomile, Lavender, and Passionflower helps soothe away your, or your loved one’s stress levels.

If you are already familiar with our Trim Healthy skin care line, you know that we’ve always taken the greatest care to offer the most natural, healing and highest quality ingredients in our products. There is never any water added to any of them ever! Most brands (even most natural skin care lines) have water added. It is less expensive for companies to do this but any time water is added… other preservatives have to go in as water causes mold and toxins. And here’s the thing with water… your skin does not absorb it! In place of water we’ve always used aloe vera… which is soothing, healing and a great natural preservative. Most importantly, it is also an incredibly effective delivery system to your body. Unlike water, aloe penetrates skin tissue in a remarkable way, absorbing deeply and quickly into skin layers. Your skin literally gobbles it up!

This remarkable synergy between skin and aloe is due to the presence of a substance in aloe called Lignin which allows it to also act as an excellent carrier for other healing substances. Since aloe is Bio-identical to human skin, it serves as the perfect carrier for more than 200 beneficial compounds from aloe itself as well as any healing herbs infused in our formulas. And how long does aloe take to get into your blood stream, carrying other nutrients with it? Well, there are some scientific disputes over this but they are minor. Some studies show around 26 seconds, some say even less but most agree that aloe’s method of delivery is incredibly swift and takes well under a minute! The key to delivering healing medicine to your blood stream is getting through the skin’s top layers and aloe unlocks that door!

It is so important to not just look at your skin as a covering. It is your biggest delivery system. The average adult has between 1.5 to 2 square meters of skin surface area. Our brain and other bodily systems use skin for the uptake of information, the intake of nutrients, vitamins, and a myriad of beneficial compounds. It is our early warning system telling us when the weather is about to change, when an object is too hot or cold, and even when something or someone isn’t compatible with us…our system…our spirit.

Because of these truths, the skin is often the most effective (and safest) way to medicate. Pharmaceutical companies know this too and use many different products to address scores of internal issues through the skin. Want to stop smoking? There’s a skin patch for that! Want hormones? Here’s your skin patch. Need to kick a nicotine addiction… same thing! It’s been scientifically proven that if something can pass through the skin’s protective layers, it is in the bloodstream in under 30 seconds. That’s amazing and, very sobering too!

More than a formula – you are part of the healing!


We also know that there’s a vast body of scientific data that shows the effectiveness and transformational power of the human touch. There’s even data to support the truth that a simple human touch can help alleviate pain, calm fears and diminish the effects of depression, anxiety, and stress. Our skin is not only the largest organ but is the only organ that can be seen and touched by those around us.

So, with Chillax Topical you have a twofold delivery system for greater effectiveness. Aloe releases the CBD and other herbs to your blood stream while your touch ministers to the stress and anxiety in your family members in other ways. There’s something undeniably powerful that happens when we touch someone or when we’re touched by someone. Oxytocin–Vasopressin, sometimes referred to as “Love Molecules” are peptides, signalers, and transferrers of emotional cues from skin to skin to the rest of our body. They trigger feelings of calm, love, security, acceptance, and many other powerful stimuli.

If your child (or even spouse) needs calming, Chillax cream allows you to use both touch and powerful therapeutic natural medicine to help usher in peace to mind and body. It is our prayer that you and your family will greatly benefit from the skin to skin transferences of love, prayer, and calming touch communication as Chillax gently soothes mind, body, and spirit.

Were so excited about this new topical delivery system for our CBD products that very soon we’ll also have the Feminine Balance, Masculine Prime and new potent pain relieving Blue Tansy Creams and balms available too. Hemp is such an amazing, God-given plant and we feel so blessed to have discovered so many ways to help one another benefit from this stellar botanical.

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