It’s my 2nd Trimmiversary!!!

I am beyond thankful for this plan!! Whoooooohooooooo!! Thank you Pearl and Serene for your wisdom and for this beautiful lifestyle plan!!

I started Trim Healthy Mama on 9/28/15 and haven’t looked back since. I was in a tight 18/20, I was also DONE trying to live in what my body had become. I knew I had to change my diet, but like many others, I had tried and done all the diets, plans, shakes, pills, you name it, I’d done it and had a story to tell about it.

My friend Allison added me to this group (the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook support group) a year or so before, but all I knew was what people posted. Really, the only posts that caught my eye were before and afters. After about the 2000th one that I looked at and read, I decided Trim Healthy Mama was the next something I would try to get my health under control. I went the next day and bought the plan book and cook book at Books a Million. I fell in love with the simplicity and freedom, and the rest is history!!

Because I know some will ask, I started in an 18/20, 255, I’m 5’7. This morning, I’m wearing a size 8, and I weighed 174. My lowest weight on this journey has been 170.5; that was in February. I stopped smoking the same month and my weight fluctuates up and down 5 pounds. I’ll take it!!

I thank God for Pearl and Serene and for the joy I’ve found again!! I feel like I’ve found the fountain of youth, I’m 37! I seriously feel 18 again!