Some of you mentioned that your husbands were going on the plan with you. My husband has been my biggest supporter and encourager when we started our new lifestyle. We have removed 145 lbs between us since October 2015. After getting rid of 105 lbs, I have been at a ‘stand still’ for a few weeks. I’m not worried. I have learned to be patient on this plan. The numbers aren’t moving, but my clothes are looser.

I’ve been explaining Trim Healthy Mama to a group of ladies from my church. They are such a blessing. We are in this journey together.

The pictures included in this post are: June 2015, April 2017. Hoping to be an encouragement to others. THM was an answer to a prayer for help. We are so very thankful for the plan, our friend who told us about THM, for Pearl and Serene and their dedication and sharing with all of us, and all of you fellow ‘Mamas’ who post your recipes and encouragement daily!