Welcome to the 2020 Summer Edition of Trim Healthy Living!

Happy 2020 summer and welcome back to another spectacular issue of Trim Healthy Living! (if we do say so ourselves… he he)

Has this year been a doozy so far or what? But we’re here… we’re still breathing… we’ve all learned from these intense times… yes, we’ve all experienced loss… but we’ve grown… we’ve become stronger! So this issue celebrates the blessing of the beautiful sun in our faces and the strength of our resolves to be able get through the hardest of times and triumph!

Take some time… sip a Good Girl Moonshine or your favorite current THM drink and read through the new recipes and encouraging testimonies we have for you here. We also have some sales tied to featured recipes (and don’t miss the skin care sales). We’ve put Baking Blend on sale because we know you’re going to love the new and easy Amazing Flat Bread recipe made with it. This makes bread rounds that are like a cross between Naan and pita bread. So simple… perfect to make in your pan on the stove top in just a few minutes or even on your grill. And just in time for warm weather, Trim Healthy Hydrates are also on sale for the first time ever and there are tons of fun recipes using them included here… just click on the recipe tab to find them.

Issues of Trim Healthy Living are for enjoying, for being inspired and of course… drum roll… for launches!

We have five exciting launches for you in this edition. Here goes:

Featured New Releases:

Strawberry Baobab Bliss Bar: reg $2.29/intro price $1.99 (limit 2)

*Sale & Intro pricing good thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday June 24th, 2020

This super food bar boosts your immune system and throws your taste buds into extreme bliss at the same time. It is sweet and tangy and benefits both your health and your metabolism in multiple ways. It stars Baobab of course which has the highest antioxidants of all foods on this planet but not only that, it is high in bio-available vitamin C and iron… the two need to go together for your body to absorb them and baobab has one of the best ratios of these two nutrients in nature. Baobab also powerfully changes your micro biome (the health of your gut) for the better. A whopping 70% of your immune system starts in your gut and Baobab’s unique fiber goes to work as both a prebiotic and probiotic… you need both of those so your body can make those all important postbiotics! A gut full of healthy postbiotics will be your key to vibrant health, a revved metabolism and a firing immune system.

This bar also contains both collagen and whey protein (in smaller amounts than our original Brownie Fix protein bar) but in a lovely amount (11 grams) which works perfectly for a blood sugar balancing snack or even a breakfast on the go. Collagen and whey both also boost your immune system in different ways and so does coconut, the other star of this bar. Desiccated coconut offers middle chain fatty acids and lauric acid which nourish your thyroid and rev your body’s immune defense against invaders such as viruses and other nasties.

Having said all that, please don’t be too mad at us if you miss out on trying this new bar during this launch. These bars will go quickly so we’ve limited to two per order. If you miss out here, we’ll have them back in very soon. We always want to keep our bars fresh (they have no preservatives) so we work in smaller batches (well, tens of thousands at a time but still…. not millions that just sit on shelves for months as most bar companies do).  This also means you’ll need to refrigerate your bars to keep them from spoiling. They’ll be fine sitting out for a day or so… but for longer than that, you’ll need cold storage.

So if you get a chance to snag a couple of these during launch, let us know how you like them and we’ll make you more if you do. We’ll gauge how big a response we get to them and adjust ongoing production numbers from there. Going from the reaction of our families and friends (children included – and boy do they pack a health punch for your children) we’ve got a sneaking feeling you’ll be asking us to make more. We think they taste like strawberry fields and lemon orchards but that’s just us. We’ll see what you think and see how it goes.

*Watch the video below:

*Sale & Intro pricing good thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday June 24th, 2020

Guatemama Java Coffee: $11.99 *Available in whole bean, ground & green bean

We call it the cleanest, smoothest coffee in the world and it is finally here! Over two years ago now The Guatemama Java story began when we boarded a helicopter and flew (or should we say bounced around in the air in treacherous weather) to a village almost 8000 feet up in a remote mountain range in Guatemala. It was rumored the best and purest coffee grew there. There are no main roads into this village… it is a pristine, untouched area, basically cut off from the rest of the world. No helicopter had ever landed there before. We made it alive (just) and spent a day with the people of the village.

The incredible, untouched and wild beauty of the area was only surpassed by the people of the village themselves. For generations they had devoted themselves to growing coffee unlike any other. It is grown on steep mountain sides where the natural flora is the shade, the wild bees are the pollinators and the clean, mountain rain is the magic liquid that makes these beans so special. This incredible coffee is less acidic, does not have any of the mycotoxin issues that so much coffee has due to the extreme high altitude it is grown in and it is literally bursting with antioxidants. The villagers had always put sacks of this coffee on their own backs and onto the backs of donkey’s and mules and walked for days into the closest town to sell it. Now we were offered with the opportunity to bring it to the world.

Well as most of you know… things didn’t quite go as planned. We ended up being sent about a hundred thousand pounds of the wrong coffee… right mountain, just not from the village that we visited 80000 feet up. We found out we received coffee from the middle of that beautiful mountain. It was still amazing stuff but not quite as spectacular as what we had first tasted and we wanted to bless that village who took us into their lives and hearts, not coffee growers who we were not familiar with. We released it anyway… called it Middle Mountain Coffee and let you guys know about the mix up. Well, you loved it. We’ve received countless happy testimonies about it… and how it doesn’t cause the acid and heart burn issues that most coffees do. It got completely sold out but now we have the real thing… our first love… and we are bursting with pride and honor to bring our original coffee baby to you.

Yes , Guatemala Java is certified organic but it is far more than that. Much organic coffee is grown in low lands where all vegetation is stripped and artificial shade is used all to make a quick coffee buck. This coffee is grown with the honor of generations. It is tended and cared for by beautiful families who pour love, heart and soul into their own little piece of the mountain and their own little plot of coffee. And that… Mamas… is the real reason this coffee is so special!.

*Available in whole bean, ground & green bean

Workins (Online Streaming Version): $14.99 *buys a yearly subscription to constant access to the Workin sessions.

You asked and we listened. Our Workins exercise sessions are now streaming. Get fit and rehab your entire core, your pelvic floor and many back and hip issues at the same time… all in just 20 fun minutes.

“I have never enjoyed exercise, however I do look forward to my Workins workout. I can do this at only 20 minutes. I try to get in 3 a week. I am in the best shape than I have ever been. I am 55 years old and love my Workins! – Carol M.

“Workins have cured my stress incontinence… cured it!” – Kate K.

“ As a mama of six kiddos, doula, massage therapist, and hubby’s caretaker I really like how Quick and FUN these Workins are!!! All of my kiddos from the 13 year old down to the 3 year love to do them with me, and I love that I don’t have to worry about my young boys seeing scantily clad women on the screen.” – Stephanie R.

“I have always struggled with being consistent with exercise, but I love the Workins! They’re so fun; I look forward to doing them! Since they’re only 20 minutes it’s easy to fit into a busy life. I look better, feel better, and my clothes fit better when I do them consistently. The focus on building core strength has also helped my back issues.” – Karla K.

“My daily posture is much improved and my previously flat tush is starting to have definition! Even my jeans fit a little differently…. in a good way!!!” – Shannon F.

*Note: There are no additional components (bands, etc) included in this price. Additional Workins components (bands, etc) are available thru the THM store.

Trim Healthy Starter BOOK: $24.99

We’ve had so many requests to make this book available as a stand alone (instead of part of a starter pack) and that time has come. This beautiful, full color, spiral bound book provides all the info anyone needs to begin the THM journey. Or if you’ve already begun but you need some more hand holding and explaining and easy recipes… this book may be that special help that is perfect for you.

It condenses the plan into understandable language and includes lots of of THM tips, tricks and encouragement. It also contains 50 of the best recipes to help people get on their THM feet along with lots of ideas for other no brainer meals you can easily put together with regular foods from any grocery store)

THM Butterfly Clips: $3.99 (pack of 8 clips)

We all deal with our THM products differently. Some want to transfer their Baking Blend and Gentle Sweet etc into glass jars. Others of us just shove all our bags into a corner cabinet and re-zip them. Butterfly clips can help keep your bags closed when zippers start to lose their hold. They’re pretty, they’re handy and you can use them for other bagged snacks or products too.

Trim Healthy Hydrates: Price drop from $17.99 to $14.99!

*EXCEPT “Blue Skies Colada” which will remain at $17.99 (however “Blue Skies Colada” is represented in the Variety Pack. Which is also dropping in price to $14.99.)

We’re doing a permanent price drop for our water hydrates! Yay! If you’ve never tried Hydrates before because you didn’t like the price…. we get it. Neither did we. Behind the scenes we’ve been working hard on reformulating them using a different manufacturer to get costs down. So far we have new fantastic reformulations for all our current flavors except for Blue Skies Colada… but we hope to have that done soon too so we can also drop the price on that. Trim Healthy Hydrates transform ordinary water transforms into a drink of dreams with no harmful ingredients like sugar, unhealthy dyes, junk fillers, artificial ingredients or even needless calories or carbs.

Getting yourself and your kids to drink more water no longer has to be a chore. You can take a deep, thirst quenching, flavor punching swig and feel good about your healthy, trimming choice.  Keep the stick packs in your purse, car, kitchen or office and in your kids’ backpacks for instant, all-natural, vibrant, tasting flavor. Just put one stick pack in a large glass or bottle of water (about 16 ounces, although we heard back from some of you frugal Mamas that just one hydrate in 32 ounces works too. You still enjoy it that way and it saves money).

Check out all the fun recipes using Hydrates by clicking on the RECIPES tab in the navigation at the top of this page.

Additional Sale Items:

*Sale & Intro pricing good thru 11:59pm CST Wednesday June 24th, 2020

BAKING BLEND 16oz: reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off
BAKING BLEND 3lb: reg $25.99/sale $19.99/$6 off

*Click HERE to check out the “Amazing Flatbread” recipe featuring Baking Blend!

COCONUT DREAM CREAM 2-PACK: $19.99 (the natural way to protect your skin from sun damage during summer months)


Trim Healthy You CURRICULUMS: Both Elementary & Middle School are currently $10 off regular price

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