Sipper Drink-Inspired Lip Balms

Once you’ve used a Trim Healthy lip balm you can’t go back to any other. Announcing our new Trim Healthy Mama Sipper Drink inspired lip balms. Enjoy Good Girl Moonshine (Apple Cider & Ginger), Singing Canary (Lemon & Turmeric), and Shrinker (Chai & Cayenne) lip balms. We have taken the boring out of lip balms forever by ever-so-sweetly recreating these legendary Sipper flavors into a tiny, nourishing lip treat that fits in your purse, pocket, glove box, and makeup kit.

You’ll love the organically fruity and spicy flavors that have been carefully blended together with our own Trim Healthy Mama Pure Stevia Extract. Each of these delicious balms was years in the making and careful oversight was given to deliver a true-to-the-original palette of these iconic Sippers that have now become household names.

Just so you know, we have also made sure these new lip balms are equally as healing and moisturizing as our other Gourmet Skin Food offerings and our original Orange, Coconut and Minty lip balms. The very last place you’d want harmful chemicals is on your lips so don’t do it! Trim Healthy lip balms contain not one suspect ingredient and are deeply infused with Nature’s most beneficial herbs. They will bring your tired lips speedy, much-needed relief.

All-Natural Lip Balm: Singing Canary

(Lemon & Turmeric)

All-Natural Lip Balm: Good Girl Moonshine

(Apple Cider & Ginger)

All-Natural Lip Balm: Shrinker

(Chai & Cayenne)

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