Welcome to another e-Zine! We know you’ve been waiting and waiting for the launch of more of our new products … so sorry for the delays but we are now ready to hit “GO!” We’ll share details about those in a bit but let’s catch up first.

In Need of Help?

How are you doing on your THM journey? Are you thriving or barely hanging on by a thread? No matter where you’re at right now, please bless yourself and listen to our free weekly podcasts. The mantra for our podcasts is “What if you Could???!!!”

They are full of encouragement and practical tools to help you rock the THM lifestyle… with a lot of laughs in between. We just completed a four part series on how to push through stubborn weight and stalls that is a must not miss. Think you have no time for a podcast? Listen while you walk or while you shower or while you drive or while you clean or while you chill out. Just listen because these Poddies are almost like having us as your personal coaches, giving you a weekly “you can do this” shot in the arm (or perhaps a gentle boot in the pants if that is what you need).

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Game Changer

So much has happened in Trim Healthy World recently. Our new book, Trim Healthy Table, was released last month. We couldn’t be more thankful and humbled by the outpouring of response to this book. Seeing all the pictures of the recipes that your families are gobbling down makes all the effort we poured into it over the last year so very worth it.

If you’re on the fence about whether to get Trim Healthy Table… listen up. Get it; read the first three chapters then start making the recipes! Being bossy here but this is not just for another book sale for us, if you cannot afford it, no worries… borrow it from the library. This is so you can have greater success!

Perhaps you tried THM in the past only to give up or you’ve had on again, off again relationship because you found it too confusing or you thought you had to use too many special ingredients. Trim Healthy Table changes all that.

The Simple Start chapter explains things in a shorter, more concise way so it will click. There are so many simple, no special ingredient recipes included and if we do call for some special ingredients, we give ways around them… you can use regular foods from your local grocery store.

Come on …. You can do this!

THM Store Grand Opening!

The first official THM store just opened in Nashville TN. Turnout was over the top! If you’re passing through Nashy, stop by and visit at:

THM Retail Store & Distribution Center

5006 Harding Place

Nashville, TN 37211


Store hours are: 10am to 4pm CST (Nashville time) Monday thru Friday

Here are some highlights of the grand opening:

Travel with us through China

If you’ve been listening to our podcast, you know we took a trip to China to visit the organic stevia farms where our stevia is grown. There are many preconceptions about China, some of them true but some are sadly very far from the truth.

Watch our China Documentary (when you have time… it’s 40 minutes!) and fall in love with the people and the land as we did.

Now for the long awaited products…

Please welcome to center stage Trim Healthy Chocolate Chips, Trim Healthy Noodles, Synthetic free Nutritional Yeast and the return of Baobab Boost Powder!

We actually launched Baobab a few weeks ago but thousands of bags sold out within a few hours! This stuff is so incredible for your health. We finally have more in… hey, it comes all the way from Africa… so have patience with us pretty please. We’re a young business and still learning. We have an extremely enthusiastic and awesome customer base (yours truly) who we too often underestimate despite our best attempts not to. (Our Natural Burst Extracts are still coming, we’re frantically trying to speed up launch on those but some things beyond our control have caused delays).

Trim Healthy Chocolate Chips

A couple years ago we had a dream of bringing pure, delightful, sugar free, healthy chocolate with no fillers to the world. We thought it would take a few months and you’d have them. Well… it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Finally after much behind the scenes drama, we can finally say… here they are! We are proud to pioneer stevia sweetened chocolate without other junk in it. Yes there are some other stevia sweetened chocolates out there and we’ve always said its okay to enjoy them on plan (can’t deny you of chocolate) but we could never get real excited about them.

Most of them have inulin (which frequently causes bloat and tummy trouble) and dextrin (basically a type of sugar, not something we’re cool with). Inulin and dextrose are both cheap fillers. Those ingredients make it easier to make some profit on sugar free chocolate.

Just to be transparent, currently we are not making any profit on our Trim Healthy Chocolate at the prices we are launching at. This is due to quality of ingredients and what they cost us to make. In future the plan is to have our own chocolate manufacturing facility and basically be little Trim Healthy Willy Wonkas.

We just bought the building for this and are starting to assemble the equipment. Once that happens we hope (please Lord) that we’ll be able to drop the prices a bit for you and even make a small profit… for us. But we had to start somewhere.

Enjoy these smooth and creamy, French style, dark chocolate chips in your baking or just as a little decadent hand to mouth treat. Be looking soon for our sweeter milk chocolate butterfly bars… oh my! They’re amazing.

Trim Healthy Noodles & Rice

Perhaps you’ve read all about konjac noodles and rice. You heard they were low carb, low calorie, extremely slimming, blood sugar regulating and health promoting but they made you a little scared. You couldn’t get over the strange look and the rubbery texture.

Be afraid no longer! Now you can fully embrace all the benefits of konjac noodles and actually enjoy them at the same time! Stir frys, spaghetti, ramen, soups, casseroles… your noodle loving life is back! We worked and worked on creating a konjac noodle that feels, tastes and acts a lot more like a regular noodle.

We added a little oat flour to our special konjac flour and the result is a less firm, beautiful, almost normal looking noodle (or rice). They are still ultra-low carb and low calorie and are just ready for you to toss them in your saucepan and season them up with your favorite seasonings, oils or sauces. They are FP so you’re free to enjoy them either S or E style.

*Note: You now get 8 single-size servings of your noodles and rice. 2 packets in each pouch. More product, less water. 8 single-serve packets gives you the same amount of noodles or rice as the previous 12 packets of Not Naughty Noodles & Rice did.

Nutritional Yeast

We love this cheesy, nutty tasting stuff! Sprinkle it on your eggs as they’re cooking or on popcorn, toss it in soups, stews and stir fry’s.  Actually you might just want to throw it in almost everything as it makes for a tastier healthier meal.

Even though it has the word “yeast” in its name, this is the healthy form of yeast and actually fights the bad kinds (such as candida) in your body. It is rich in protein and chromium both of which help stabilize healthy blood sugar levels. It supports a healthy pregnancy by being rich in folate. One tablespoon of this yummo super food provides more than 100% of a pregnant woman’s daily need of non-synthetic folate.

We’ve included it in our recipes for years and due to popular demand from Trim Healthy Mamas, many grocery stores are now carrying it!

So why are we launching a Trim Healthy brand of Nutritional Yeast? The main reason is most grocery store (and health store) Nutritional Yeast contains added synthetic B vitamins. We wanted a more pure and natural form.

Also, in grocery stores you can usually only find it in small containers for a high price! We wanted to give you a superior product in a larger bag for a better price. Our yeast is not grown on genetically modified plants and is third party tested for lead to ease your mind.

Baobab Boost Powder

This powder is like a daily powerful multi vitamin that is 100% real food. It is the star of our new Sipper “Hello Health” on page 453 of Trim Healthy Table and the title really says it all.

Let’s hit some highlights:
– It has the highest amount of disease fighting antioxidants of all foods on this planet (8 times the amount of acai berries which are thought to be king of antioxidant-containing foods).

– It has five times the fiber of oats (this high fiber makes this a FP powder with just 1 net carb per serving).

– It has twice the calcium of milk.

– It has double the magnesium and iron of spinach. It supports hemoglobin production and builds iron naturally and safely, giving energy to worn out, anemic women.

– It boasts one of the highest vitamin C levels on this planet with more than 10 times the amount of oranges! Studies show people lacking in vitamin C are fat loss resistant. You need ample vitamin C for healthy adrenal function and fat loss. Vitamin C is also crucial for protein optimization and balance. It enables collagen to work more effectively and safely in the body.

– It slows the absorption of blood sugars dramatically and helps you better digest and metabolize starches which helps with blood sugar and weight loss.

Don’t miss the wonderful new recipes and great testimonies in this issue. Enjoy!


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