Boosted Arnold Palmer Sipper (FP)

There is a brand new sipper drink in our new book Trim Healthy Table that we’re excited for you to get making. It is called “Hello Health Sipper” and it uses Baobab Boost Powder and capsicum (sweet red pepper) to improve both your weight loss and health benefits in so many ways.

Please check that delicious recipe out on page 453 but if you don’t have the book yet, we want to get you started on another sipper using baobab powder. Boosted Arnold Palmer Sipper uses very few ingredients and tastes like a delicious and refreshing glass of sweet lemon tea!

You can read about the incredible health giving benefits of baobab here but if you’ve been listening to the Trim Healthy Podcasts, you already know that baobab is a Vitamin C powerhouse boasting one of the highest Vitamin C contents of foods in the world! You need plentiful levels of Vitamin C in your body in order to push through weight loss stalls and it is crucial for the health of your adrenals. Baobab also helps regulate blood sugars, balance insulin, boost metabolism, curb appetite, and reduce gut inflammation. It does all this with a yummy, natural citrusy flavor.

The other star of this drink is oolong tea, which you are already familiar with if you are sipping “The Shrinker” frequently! Oolong is the most powerful fat burning tea on this planet while also helping to lower blood sugar levels, combat aging, improve brain power, and it contains antioxidants which destroy free radicals. These two ingredients paired together and sipped on throughout the day will keep you hydrated and energized as well as provide incredible health and fat burning benefits!

Makes a 1-quart serving. (Can be doubled for 2-quart sipping.)


-2 Oolong Tea bags

-2 Tablespoons baobab powder

-3 – 4 doonks (or roughly 1/8 teaspoon) Pure Stevia Extract Powder




  1. Steep tea bags in a mug of just off the boil water until the tea has cooled down.
  2. Pour tea into a 1-quart mason jar, add baobab powder and stevia and stir super well. Add water and ice to fill to the top if you want to sip out of the jar. Alternatively, fill with water only and pour over ice in a separate glass. (The baobab powder does settle at the bottom so you just have to stir a bit each time you pour a glass.)

The Boosted Arnold Palmer Sipper recipe and other delicious THM recipes can be found at


Download the PDF for this recipe HERE

About Baobab Boost Powder:

This powder is like a daily powerful multi vitamin that is 100% real food. It is the star of our new Sipper “Hello Healthy” on page 453 of Trim Healthy Table and the title really says it all.

Let’s hit some highlights:
– It has the highest amount of disease fighting antioxidants of all foods on this planet (8 times the amount of acai berries which are thought to be king of antioxidant-containing foods).

– It has five times the fiber of oats (this high fiber makes this a FP powder with just 1 net carb per serving).

– It has twice the calcium of milk.

– It has double the magnesium and iron of spinach. It supports hemoglobin production and builds iron naturally and safely, giving energy to worn out, anemic women.

– It boasts one of the highest vitamin C levels on this planet with more than 10 times the amount of oranges! Studies show people lacking in vitamin C are fat loss resistant. You need ample vitamin C for healthy adrenal function and fat loss. Vitamin C is also crucial for protein optimization and balance. It enables collagen to work more effectively and safely in the body.

– It slows the absorption of blood sugars dramatically and helps you better digest and metabolize starches which helps with blood sugar and weight loss.

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