Trim Mint Trimmy (FP)

This delectable Trim Mint Trimmy might just remind you of those calorie-laden cookies the girls in green sell every year! Only this minty treat will not cause you to feel one bit guilty – even if you drink more than one!

Serving Size: Single-Serve


-10 oz peppermint tea

-2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

-1 tsp THM Integral Collagen

-1 tsp THM Pristine Protein Powder (unflavored)

-1 tsp THM MCT Oil

-1 tsp THM Super Sweet Blend

-1 or 2 drops essential peppermint oil (optional)



  1. Blend!


For an S-version:

Add a dollop of cream and a bit of grated, stevia-sweetened or 85% chocolate bar.


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