Welcome to the Spring Edition of Trim Healthy Living 2020!

There’s something miraculous about spring. We get to watch as new life buds all around us. Look at this brand new little girl who was born recently on our hilltop here in Tennessee (born on Pearl’s land). She’s thriving… skipping and running all over the pasture. Pure joy to watch!

The Miracle of New:

Let’s talk about the newness of spring for a minute. It is that time to start afresh… to clean out the old and take in the new… the far better new. In this Ezine we have some wonderful cleansing and healing drinks (3 different Earth Milks) to help give your body a healthy spring cleaning. But let’s not forget that our minds need decluttering and cleaning, too. In fact, it is more important that we scrub out the gunk in our minds than any physical detox we can do (although focusing on both is fantastic). Our thoughts make up our identity which then influences our actions. A gunky identity usually leads back to gunky food and health choices no matter how many “cleanses” we try.

If you listen to our weekly Poddies, you know we love to learn from the ancient yet totally timeless wisdom of the scriptures. The book of Lamentations tells us God’s mercies are NEW every single morning! This means we get a clean slate!

It doesn’t matter that we may have fallen off the wagon too many times to count. Doesn’t matter that we may have messed up and caved to Dairy Queen on the way home just yesterday afternoon… today is new, baby!

That person who keeps failing and falling down… she’s actually not the true us! “But I’ve always done that!” you might say… “I’ve never been able to stick with anything.” The fact is… according to God, (and since He created you, He knows best about these matters) it doesn’t matter about yesterday, two weeks ago or ten years ago. New slate! That old new is gone and the true you is the new girl… that girl who believes she is worth the healthy choices, the little bit of extra time it takes to cook something versus driving through. She’s that girl who the New Testament actually calls a “…new creature.” All the old mess ups and habits have past and gone which means they don’t define you! They no longer have power over your future if you wear your new identity.

Let’s not complicate it. It is really as simple as this… new creatures aren’t old creatures. Sounds like we’re being ridiculous here but the miracle of this truth is really that simple… somehow we too easily forget this awesome good news!

New creatures:

– Think new thoughts
– Create new habits
– Say new things like… “I’m that girl who is not a slave to sugar.
– Eat new foods… (Perhaps fish and more fruit… check out our last few Poddies on these things if you missed them and don’t miss Serene’s “Frozen to Fantastic Fish” recipe in this issue! The Quinoa Salad would be a great side dish!)
– Try new ways of moving their bodies
– Create new environments so habits are naturally easier and more rewarding

(Recommended reading:  “Atomic Habits” by James Clear)

Romans 12:2 that declares you are “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Transformed… hmmm… we all know that means radically different. Simply put then, you are one way with one mindset but another mindset completely changes you!

You’re that girl on the couch with the bag of potato chips and the sugar addiction. Change your mindset and you’re that girl rocking her body honoring food choices.

You’re that girl constantly self-sabotaging her goals. Switch your mindset and you’re that girl growing, maturing and off the self-sabotage merry go round.

You’re that all or nothing girl, that one who makes one big mistake and throws in the towel in defeat. Change your mindset and you’re that girl who gives herself so much grace it’s almost ridiculous, all the while focusing on transformation.

You’re the worried girl, the frequently anxious, glass half full girl who goes to bed dwelling on the “what if’s” and the “Oh no’s.” Switch your mindset and you’re that girl confident about whatever tomorrow brings, no matter what problem may arise, you choose peace knowing there will be a promise you can cling to that’s big enough for any problem.

In one mindset, you’re that girl who is frequently hurt by others. With a new mindset, you’re that girl who chooses happiness and forgiveness over hurt.

Please don’t misunderstand us here. Renewing your mindset doesn’t mean you won’t ever mess up or that you have to strive for perfection The new you is not bound up in legalism or perfection, she’s simply transforming over a lifetime walk, with much practice and ever greater understanding of who she really is through the redemptive power of God’s new nature in her mind and heart.

Guess you can tell we are pumped about these exciting truths that have been so life changing for us that we’re passing them along. We’re still in the thick of writing the book, “I’m That Girl.” We hope it will be done by New Year.

Sale Next Week!

We have no new product launches to give you in this Ezine but we are going to have a top sellers sale next week so get ready for that. All your mega faves like Gentle Sweet, Collagen, Baking Blend, etc. are getting price slashes for 48-hours.

While you’re waiting for next week’s sale, be sure to check out all the content and the recipes found in this edition of the Trim Healthy Living Ezine. You won’t want to miss reading the article by Pearl’s daughter, Meadow Hall… “Baking with Whole Grain Flours on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan“. Be sure to check out the Springtime Lemon Scones recipe – enjoying them with a cup of coffee with collagen is a great way to wake up for breakfast or soothe your afternoon snack! There’s an egg-free version of it as well for some of our allergen mamas.

Butttt…. boy are the new launches piling up to come soon and keep coming throughout this year. We just got back from New York where we were working on our completely natural make up line. We hope that comes out by or before 4th quarter this year. Make up that is actually healing to your skin… no toxins or chemicals… imagine putting mascara on your eyes and knowing there is nothing in it that is harmful… we can’t wait!

Watch for all these soon… Crunchy Crackers (we’re calling them Shameless Crackers), cookies (Protein Pleasure Cookies), pizza crusts (Truly Trim Pizza) and more bar flavors (the next is Strawberry Baobab Bliss). All these are coming your way. Drive Thru Sues… your life is about to get so much easier and yummier. And of course… all these ready to eat options are purist approved by Serene.

Teach Them Diligently Conventions:

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at the Nashville TTD Homeschool Convention recently. We have a heart to help transform the health of more and more families across this country and this globe. This is why we created the Trim Healthy You curriculum… so children and teens can be empowered with the knowledge to learn to eat healthfully for life.

If you’re nearby, come see us at the next three conventions where we’ll be speaking at two sessions and will also have time after each session for a meet and greet. Texas is up next… hope to see you there! If you want 15% the price of the convention… go to www.TeachThemDiligently.net and the discount code “THM” to receive 15% off .

TTD Discount Code is: “THM” and it is good for 15% off

TTD Convention Dates/Locations:


Waco TX: Apr 2-4, 2020
Columbus, OH: May 28-30
Athens, GA: June 11-13

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