THM RECIPE: Frozen to Fantastic Fish (FP or S)

(Serene’s Air Fryer Fish Recipe)

On the Trim Healthy Podcast Episode 159, we talked about your need for fish. Fish is that protein change up that helps keep your Trim Healthy Mama journey going in the right direction. It is a lower calorie protein source which is needful for that calorie juggle that should naturally occur on plan. Don’t get in a constant beef or chicken rut… your body needs some protein and calorie shake ups and fish is going to do it for you!

Fish contains much needed minerals and certain health benefits other meats do not. Here are some more reasons to include more fish this week:

– It helps you get the scale unstuck and bust through stubborn weight stalls.
– It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
– Just 1 serving of fish will cover your daily need for Vitamin D.
– It prevents and helps battle against auto-immune issues such as Hashimoto’s.
– It boosts your own natural collagen production.
– It fights macular degeneration.
– It boosts heart health and the entire cardiovascular system.
– It helps prevent and treat depression… fish equals happiness!
– It helps maintain the gray matter of your brain and slows rates of cognitive decline.
– It can help improve your sleep… a 6-month study showed that those that ate fish slept better and had improved daily functions.
– It has shown in studies to lower asthma risks in children by 24-25 percent.
– It helps lower blood pressure that is too high.

Have you taken the fish challenge yet?

On the “Fish Poddy”, we challenged you to double the amount of times you are having fish each week. If it is zero times right now… try it once… if you are already doing fish twice a week… try it 4 times! If you’re already there… take it all the way to where we are thriving… fish almost every day now for your THM authors! We can’t get enough! You’ll notice a healthy and waist reducing difference.

Many people believe they don’t like fish because they have memories of not enjoying it from childhood. Or… preparing it can seem overwhelming… how on earth to cook it!!!??? Many of us who live in land locked areas don’t have access to fresh fish and we have no clue how to deal with frozen. Serene’s way of taking a fillet of frozen fish and making it incredible in just 10 – 15 minutes is life changing. Check out the following recipe and you’ll find yourself jumping on the eat-more-fish wagon far more easily. If you don’t have an air fryer you can do this similar thing in your oven with frozen filets, it just takes a little longer as you have to wait for a pre-heat and cook slightly longer. For regular ovens, set temp to 400 and bake for about 5 minutes longer than the following air fryer directions suggest.

Note: We both use Ninja air fryers. Different machines may vary in cook times. (Pearl used 2 different brands and didn’t have great results until she got her Ninja).

Serving Size: Single-serve

(While this recipe is written for a single fillet of fish, you can just add another fillet or two to the air fryer if you want to cook more.)


– 1 frozen fish fillet (barramundi, orange roughy, tilapia, cod, or any other white fish… or you can use salmon)
– Coconut oil spray (or another oil spray) for FP or 2 teaspoons butter or coconut oil for S
– Seasoning of your choice (It can be as simple as salt and pepper, or try Creole, or Tajin, or lemon pepper, or a mix of cumin and chili powder, or just use your own favorite seasoning. Don’t forget a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast and/or Parmesan cheese tastes great, too!)


1. For FP, spray both sides of the fish fillet with the oil spray and then season both sides. If trying the S-option, spray one side of the fillet, season that side, turn it over, top with pieces of the butter or coconut oil then season on top of that.

2. Place the fish in the air fryer and turn temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Depending on thickness of fish, cook for 9 to 15 minutes. Very thin pieces of fish will only need 9 to 10 minutes, thicker pieces like Cod will need 13 to 15.

4. Serve and enjoy with a side salad and well-seasoned, non-starchy veggies for FP or S. If you’re seeking an E meal, add a healthy carb such as brown rice or quinoa (try the Quinoa Salad in this edition of the EZine) or add a side of fruit! Mango is awesome with white fish, but whatever you do… keep that salad in!

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