Here we are in New Zealand getting back in touch with our sheep heritage. Our Grandfather was the world record holder for sheep shearing so we loved going back to the Agradome, one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist attractions where he was the original showman. The show still uses the same jokes he told and many of the same lines he created to share the beauties of wool with the rest of the world.

Welcome to the 2019 Holiday Edition of Trim Healthy Living:

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We just arrived back from a trip down under to New Zealand and Australia. After living in the United States for 27 years, and only visiting once twenty-two years ago, we wanted to take our husbands back. They had never been and we wanted to show them the country of our birth… New Zealand… and where we grew up… Australia. Our trip was incredible, but way too short! Just 6 days in each country. If you ever take a trip down there, allow at least a couple of weeks in each country.

Now we’re back, reunited with the rest of our kids and a cozy, family-filled Thanksgiving is only days away. So much to be grateful for! Australia and New Zealand have their own striking beauty and have such huge places in our hearts, but this hilltop where we live in these Tennessee woods is home. After only experiencing cold weather American Christmases and Thanksgivings, our husbands found it odd that while down under, despite the very warm weather, Christmas decorations were everywhere! We walked into a store on a beautiful 85-degree day in Australia and the song, “Let It Snow” was playing… no chance!

Cyber Monday! Get Ready:

Next week is Cyber Monday… mark your calendars because those of you who have followed Trim Healthy Mama know it is our biggest sale day of the year! Absolutely every THM product goes on sale, but this year we have some extra special things going on.

“Goodbye” to the Original Trim Healthy Mama Book…

Our original book… Trim Healthy Mama, the one that started it all, will be going out of print. Cyber Monday will be the last day you can purchase it. The last 1,000 books will be signed by us and then the door to getting a copy will be forever closed.

That 640-page original book is what started this Food Freedom movement. We self-published it, never expecting much to happen other than us giving away a few copies to family and friends or selling a few copies to anyone who asked. Well, God had other plans. Astoundingly, close to a million books sold and the Food Freedom movement started… organically… without any advertising… all through word of mouth… women sharing their success and enthusiasm with other women. That book forever changed our lives and the lives of countless others who embraced this joy of healthy eating we shared. Since the launch of that book, we have only been trying to keep up with our amazing THM Community. Our product business was launched just trying to meet the need for the enthusiasm for food items you want for this lifestyle. So, get your collector’s copy of the original book… if you’ve never read it before, you’ll find many gems of health and lifestyle wisdom in there that are not in our other books.

The publishing company we created to launch that original book is called Welby Street Press. The story behind that is Welby Street is the street we grew up on in the Gold Coast of Australia. It is so precious to our hearts, we wanted to honor it through our first book. We just got to visit it last week after all these years and it felt like full circle. How good God has been!

Trim Healthy You Holiday Recipe Winners:

Be sure to check out the winners for our Trim Healthy You Holiday Recipe Contest. These winners were children and teens who created healthy, Holiday recipe creations that are incredibly fantastic! We got so many great entries that it was hard to pick the winners.

There were too many awesome ones to choose from, but finally we narrowed it down and we have three winners for the three different age groups of our Trim Healthy You Curriculum… Beginners (grades 3- 5), Intermediate (grades 6-8), and Advanced (high school).

We surely have some talented young chefs in our midst who are reading through the health and nutrition curriculum we created and are coming up with brilliant recipes of their own. These kids are making massive changes in their own lives and the lives of their families.

New Product Launches:

Coffee is Coming!

Remember our amazing coffee we found at the top of a mountain in Guatemala that we promised to bring you? Well, if you are on Facebook, you may have seen my announcement that we got sent the wrong stuff. One hundred thousand pounds of wrong coffee! You can imagine our faces when we excitedly brewed our very first cup of this amazing stuff they sent only to realize it was not it! These things are just part of learning to run a business and mistakes happen when you import food from other countries. But… oh, boy! It was a hard blow! So many of you had been waiting and waiting for this coffee and so, red-faced, we had to announce the sad news. We could never dupe you, pretending this was the stuff we promised. We decided to just take the loss and next time, when we imported the real stuff, we’d have someone there on the dock making sure it was right before they shipped it to us. (We later found out this coffee was from the same mountain, is still pristine, organic, bursting with antioxidants and tastes well…pretty okay, some even think great… but, just not the one we wanted and promised you.)

What blew us away was the incredible outpouring of love and understanding from thousands of you. “Give us your okay coffee, Serene and Pearl. We’ll buy it from you at a discount, don’t take the loss! Don’t just sit on it or toss it!” You even gave us a new name for it… Middle Mountain Coffee. It didn’t quite come from the top, but next time it will. This Middle Mountain Coffee will be launched next week on Cyber Monday. We are doing a wonderful special price with it. You can get a bag of this organic coffee (either whole beans or ground) with a Trim Healthy Trimmaccino Coffee Mug for a special price of $9.99. Not quite covering our costs on that, but so much better than taking the loss. If you only want the bag of coffee it will be $8.49. When our real coffee (the one we wanted) gets here and is the actual right stuff… it will be $11.99, so you can see you are still getting a lovely discount.

New CBD Creams Launch Cyber Monday!

Our Trim Healthy Hemp (CBD products) have been some of our best selling items. Now we have more to offer. Not only does CBD help with pain, sleep, mood and so many other health challenges… did you know it is also incredible for your skin and helps fight wrinkles and other signs of aging? For this reason, we have added it to our Orange Cream. If you’ve ever tried our Orange Silk Hydrating Cream, you’re probably hooked on it. You can now get it with added CBD for even more skin rejuvenation, healing, and hydration. We will also have an option of purchasing the Extra Mild Cream (anyone with sensitive skin will want this) with CBD added. Many of you have asked for more CBD only items (instead of whole hemp extract) as you’re worried about showing positive on urine tests, etc. Next week we’ll also introduce CBD-only Feminine Balance, and Masculine Prime in our powerful, proprietary aloe-based, cream formula. Amazing stuff!

May this Holiday season be filled with joy and family! As we go around the table and say what we are thankful for… know every one of you will be in our thanks and in our hearts.

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