Welcome to the new issue of Trim Healthy Living and please brace yourself because this one is a doozy! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that means Trim Healthy Mama Chocolate Bars and our new Fountain Creams are ready to celebrate you as Mother. Mother’s need chocolate!!! Can we get an Amen?

Today is official launch day and we’re doing happy dorky dances over this. We also have a mega sale. All our top selling products are slashed in honor of Mother’s Day. But hold on… before you go crazy and buy all our sale items out, we need to talk about chocolate bars and The Fountain cream one at a time. You’re going to want them in your cart.

This Ezine is loaded with great content! Don’t miss reading the inspiring testimonies from our five-year veteran THM’s. We have brilliant recipes too… Cincinatti Chili? Yep, what could be better than chili and noodles together on one plate? And whatever you do, do not miss our new Lemon Burst Cake. The flavors are a perfect match for this spring season and best of all… this cake is a Fuel Pull!

THM Chocolate Butterfly Bars:

We proudly present you with chocolate bars that will make all your THM dreams come true.
You get to eat smooth… rich… dreamy chocolate while you break from your cocoon of health issues, extra pounds and spread your wings! The butterfly on each bar represents your metamorphosis. You’re breaking the chains of food bondage and emerging as a new lighter, healthier, happier creature… and now you get to eat chocolate while the journey unfolds! Eat to fly Mamas!

The Trim Healthy Chocolate Butterfly Bar is unlike any other. It contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners so fat gain and unhealthy toxins are outta here! And boy is it smooth… oh so smooth and creamy!

So whaddoowe got?

Milk Chocolate? Check.

Dark Chocolate? Check (and the dark is completely dairy free)

The milk is sweet and creamy and tastes too naughty to be true. The dark is velvety and rich but with no bitterness. Whichever Butterfly floats your boat, you’ll be indulging in the most pure and highest quality chocolate you can find.

Purity is where our Butterfly Bars shine and differ from all other sugar free chocolate bars out there. There is another brand of stevia sweetened chocolate bars on the market, you probably know the one. Don’t want to bash them as they’re doing a good thing offering chocolate that is sugar free but their bars contain fillers in the form of inulin and dextrin. These are cheap fillers so they can sell their bars for a little less. We couldn’t bring ourselves to put those things in our bars. Dextrin is just another form of sugar and inulin is notorious for tummy bloat! Leaving fillers out means that currently our bars are not at a price we are super happy with but please don’t be mad at us. We did our absolute best getting them to the price we landed on… with much fighting with our financial guys behind the scenes. Due to the quality of this chocolate, we are not making the normal dollar mark up we need to make on our products to keep functioning as a company. But we’re willing to take a bit of a hit to get them in your hands without completely breaking your budget.

Here’s the hope… we are currently building a big chocolate factory of our own. Once that THM Wonka factory is ready and we are doing this on our own versus paying another chocolate bean to bar company to do this for us… we hope to bring prices down a bit to where the bars feel more affordable to those of you who are penny pinching and hopefully we can earn a little more mark up to keep THM afloat! We are flying to Guatemala with our husbands next week to visit cacao farms directly. Once we have cemented a direct source for cacao beans, rather than having to go through a middle man this will cut our costs dramatically. But we had to start somewhere… we wanted to get these bars out to you so we’re starting with purity and we’ll rework costs as we all go forward together.

The Fountain Cream:

This is our new and incredibly powerful and healing antiaging cream. It stars Rose and Baobab and is the most incredible thing we’ve ever put on our skin. We had a group of ladies test it out and since then they have been begging us for more. They feel like they can barely live life without it now. If your skin is aging, parched or has other problems… allow the Fountain to hydrate it and heal it like no other cream has before. As an introductory offer to the cream… with each purchase of The Fountain you get one dark Butterfly Chocolate Bar while supplies last. Please watch our video on it.

Heads Up On The THM Coaching Program:

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be making an announcement launching our THM coaching program.

Are you excited about your Trim Healthy Lifestyle and love sharing it with others? Becoming a certified coach is the next step if you are more serious about mentoring others on the Trim Healthy plan.

As a certified THM coach you can officially start your own business under the Trim Healthy Mama brand. A THM coach is equipped to teach, encourage, and guide those who feel like they need a helping hand on their journey. How fulfilling to help “Mamas” (and others) achieve greater health and trimmer waistlines, all while earning a part-time or full-time income. The Trim Healthy Coaching program allows you to legally charge for your services helping individuals or groups with menu making, shopping, cooking, getting families on plan and a host of other services

We will be making the announcement of the coaching program shortly. Watch your email and Facebook for details!

Now for the sale! This will be a 48hr sale starting NOW and going thru midnight CST Wednesday May 2nd. And as always… while supplies last! Enjoy:

New Products Being Released:

THE FOUNTAIN: BAOBAB & ROSE ANTI-AGING CREAM: reg $45.99/intro price $42.99  *Includes a FREE Dark Chocolate Butterfly Bar while supplies last!

CHOCOLATE BAR (dark): reg $1.99 each. *No sale price

CHOCOLATE BAR (milk): reg $1.99 each. *No sale price

TRIMMACCINO 12oz MUG: reg $6.99.  *No sale price

Top Sellers:

BAKING BLEND 16oz: reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off

BAKING BLEND 3lb: reg $25.99/sale $19.99/$6 off

INTEGRAL COLLAGEN 16oz: reg $17.99/sale $15.99/$2 off

INTEGRAL COLLAGEN 3LB: reg $49.99/sale $44.99/$5 off

ERYTHRITOL 16oz: reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off

WHEY PROTEIN 16oz: reg $17.99/sale $15.99/$2 off

WHEY PROTEIN 3LB: reg $49.99/sale $44.99/$5 off

WHEY PROTEIN CHOCOLATE 1lb: reg $21.99/sale $19.99/$2 off

WHEY PROTEIN STRAWBERRY 1lb: reg $21.99/sale $19.99/$2 off

SUPER SWEET 16oz: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

SUPER SWEET 3lb: reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5 off

SWEET BLEND PACKETS: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

GENTLE SWEET 16oz: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

GENTLE SWEET 3lb: reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5 off

GENTLE SWEET XYLITOL FREE: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

GENTLE SWEET PACKETS: reg$8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off

STEVIA 1oz: reg$10.99/sale $9.99/$1 off

STEVIA 4oz: reg$37.99/sale $33.99/$4 off

Skin Care Products:

ORANGE SILK CREAM: reg $14.99/sale $11.99/$3 off

COCONUT DREAM HYDRATING CREAM: reg $14.99/sale $11.99/$3 off

LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE CREAM: reg $14.99/sale $11.99/$3 off

EXTRA MILD CREAM: reg $14.99/sale $11.99/$3 off

ULTIMATE RELIEF CREAM: reg $19.99/sale $16.99/$3 off

BOUNTIFUL BALM: reg $13.99/sale $9.99/$4 off

HIPPIE STICK – SCENTED: reg $9.99/sale $6.99/$3 off

HIPPIE STICK – UNSCENTED: reg $9.99/sale $6.99/$3 off

HIPPIE STICK – BAKING SODA FREE: reg $9.99/sale $6.99/$3 off

COCONUT LOTION: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

SPEARMINT LOTION: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

ORANGE SILK LOTION: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

AROMATHERAPY – CINNAMINT SPRAY: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

AROMATHERAPY – HAPPY DAY CITRUS SPRAY: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

AROMATHERAPY – LAVENDER SPRAY: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off

LIP BALM – CHAI & CAYENNE: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off

LIP BALM – APPLE CIDER GINGER: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off

LIP BALM – LEMON & TURMERIC: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off

LIP BALM – ORANGE: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off

LIP BALM – MINTY ZIPPY: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off

LIP BALM – COCONUT: reg $3.99/sale $2.99/$1 off

KIT CLEAR: reg $9.99/sale $6.99/$3 off

SPUNJ: reg $6.99/sale $3.99/$3 off


WORKINS 9-DVD SET: reg $59.99/sale $49.99


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