Kellee: Before & After!

Kellee W.

5 years ago I read about the Trim Healthy Mama book in the Above Rubies Magazine. I thought, “Could this be something that would finally work for me?” I had tried everything to lose weight and gain health from South Beach, Curves, Weight Watchers to just trying my own thing. I could lose 20 pounds, but I never kept it off and I gained more back and felt terrible in the process. I had really come to the point of DONE!

But when I read about this biblical approach to eating I thought I’d try one more thing. I pre-ordered the book and received the Big Book in September 2012 … right after I had given birth to child number 5 and had reached my heaviest weight ever, post-baby …195 pounds. I started slowly, implementing what I could when I had time to read. By October I was fully on plan and the weight started to come off. The best part was I felt great. I didn’t have cravings! I was eating brownies and cakes … it was a beautiful thing … I felt alive!

Kellee & her husband

By March 2013 the following year, I had lost 25 pounds. My husband looked at me and decided he wanted to jump on board with THM. (When I first received the book he told me he didn’t want to be a part of “another diet adventure.” What he didn’t know was that by this time in March he had been eating THM dinners and enjoying them and didn’t even know it). Having him join THM was a game changer. At this point I put my entire family on THM. My husband was 38 at this time he joined THM and had just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The doctor had written a script to have him go on blood pressure medication. He felt defeated. He was 50 pounds over-weight and struggling. After eating the THM way, in 6 months he lost 60 pounds! But even better than that he beat high blood pressure and high cholesterol! He took the Big THM Book to the doctor with him and the doctor looked it over and said to stick with it because it was working.

Kellee's children

My oldest daughter had always struggled with her weight. She was 12 when I started THM. I slowly implemented some of the THM principles and she lost 10 pounds over 2 years. Then her height caught up with her weight and she is a slender beautiful 17-year-old. She loves THM and eats that way except for times she’s out with friends and they order pizza. Life is fun, and she gives herself the grace to enjoy. She loves baking THM goodies and I love that I get to enjoy the fruits of her labor. She has beautiful skin for an adolescent and we attribute that to THM as well.

In the first year of THM I lost 40 pounds and I’ve maintained that loss for 4 years. I’m loving all the new THM products, cookbooks and support I get from the facebook page. The best thing is the health I’ve gained. I have softer skin, more energy, better sleep, better gut health, and a renewed sense of life. I used to struggle with chronic stomach aches and knew that eventually gallbladder issues would be a problem … all that cleared up after being on THM. Plus, I love the Yuck Yum Bitty and drink that daily. That has helped as well.

I started a THM support group in my area 2 1/2 years ago and now have over 35 women attend monthly … and we’re still going strong. We talk all things THM and bring samples of THM food for everyone to try. I love all the sharing that happens there, along with all the beautiful friendships that are blossoming. I would love to help in any way I can to spread the THM word. Please feel free to use my pictures and testimony to encourage others. Thanks for all you do!

– Kellee

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