Cindy: Before THM

Cindy Y.

I started Trim Healthy Mama in July 2013, just 3 weeks shy of my 60th birthday. I felt hopeless, helpless. Postmenopausal for over 10 years and nearly 50 pounds overweight. Married for nearly 42 years with 5 children and several grandchildren, I thought my weight loss days were long gone.

I had already run the gamut of diets and exercise programs. Gym memberships, Ayds appetite suppressant candy (1970’s), Slim Fast, calorie counting, Atkins, low fat, no fat (Susan Powters), Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda workout videos, Point counting, Weigh Down … I could go on and on. Some worked temporarily, but eventually the weight crept back on as the plans were impossible to commit to long-term.

A young friend had mentioned Trim Healthy Mama and after doing some google researching, I thought that maybe this was something I could do after all!

Cindy: Before THM

The weight dropped quickly the first few weeks, averaging 2# a week, and by the end of October 2013, I was down 23# and 3 pants sizes.

The losses slowed down considerably the closer to goal I got…averaging 1# a month or so until I reached 108 in May of 2014. I had already begun implementing some exercise soon after starting THM, using T Tapp, then eventually adding some other core workouts …planks, swimming, etc. This past year I began using the THM Workins’, but always, always adapting to fit my own physical limitations of arthritis and knee issues.

And can I talk about the food and how much I LOVE it? You like pizza? Me, too. BAM… pizza it is, THM style. Bread? Me, too! Homemade, fermented sourdough, sprouted Trader Joe’s, Joseph’s pitas … all make their way on my plate!

Pancakes and waffles? I eat them on a regular basis. Apples, berries, peaches, etc? Yep. I eat those also. Steak, burgers, roasted chicken, buttered veggies, creamy bleu cheese on my salads? Yep! Oatmeal? Rice? Creamy refried beans? All on the menu here.

Desserts? Oh, my, YES! From blueberry muffins to cookies, to cake, to chocolate bars … there is something for everyone!

Cindy: After THM!

I have gone from a tight size 14 (stretchy) jean to a comfy size 2/4 that slip right over my hips and button easily and never have to get “unbuttoned” because of bloating or overindulging. From an x-large shirt to a small. From not even owning a belt to now owning and wearing one … with my shirt tucked in!

I will be 65 this summer and have never felt better! My weight fluctuates 5 pounds or so, depending on the season. When that happens I just cut back on some of those heavier meals and enjoy the lighter side of THM for a bit.

I thank God for Pearl and Serene and His leading me to THM … it has been a life-changing 5-year journey and there is no turning back. I am a THM “lifer”! What’s up next for this Trim Healthy Mama? Why, Trim Healthy Coaching, that’s what! Chomping at the bit to be able to help others find their own Food Freedom! Whether you have 50 pounds to lose or 150 pounds … the journey begins with taking that first step. I took mine 5 years ago. If you haven’t already, why not jump on board the THM train? What have you got to lose?

“Trim Healthy Mama … changing lives one meal at a time.”

– Cindy

Cindy: After THM!

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