Megan C.

My friend introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama right after I had my first baby! We loved the idea because it was biblical, and I had recently been told by my doctor to stay gluten-free. I haven’t been 100% on-plan but it is definitely my way of life and one that is incorporated every day, even when some days aren’t the best! Lol! I got both of my sisters and multiple friends into this lifestyle. It is so wonderful because we have created a healthy community in our own family.

There is always something on plan at holidays. We even bring each other samples of recipes we have tried!! ItÂ’s a subject of conversation whenever we get together! My biggest advice for the newbies is to continue cooking and living the lifestyle! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! At this point I can go to a restaurant, party, or family get together and know what I can and can’t eat to stay on plan without a thought. This way of eating is natural now and I feel amazing on it! I never had a lot to lose, but what I did was very stubborn. I used to think that was just the way my body was happy. Come to find out, it is 20 pounds lighter than I thought and no more IBS or digestion issues that used to send me to the ER about every other month!

I’ve had 2 more pregnancies since starting. I’m 8 weeks post-partum and weigh less than before I started THM 5 years ago! I will be a THM for life and I’m so thankful for this lifestyle! Also, love that you ladies still answer our questions or post on the Facebook groups! Makes it feel like it’s personal and we are in this together! Also, I’ve been getting into the Poddy’s more lately and I listened to the very first one they made on my way to work this morning. It was all about living your life through this lifestyle. I look back at my THM testimony and I’m so glad it’s in line with what the sisters are trying to give us! I wrote it before I had ever listened to the Poddy!

Amazing how God works that way. He’s connecting all the dots for me! So thankful!

– Megan

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