Kristine & her family

Kristine S.

I’’m an original. I’’m on my third Trim Healthy Mama pregnancy. Before THM I gained 50 pounds a pregnancy. Maybe not a big deal if you have one but I’’m on my twelfth. We have three babies in heaven and I’’m looking forward to holding this baby in my arms!

We have 6 boys and 2 girls so having everyday energy and health is a necessity! I was in good enough shape to do a triathlon in between my last three pregnancies. I only gained 35 pounds and the weight came off with a little effort. I’’m thankful to God for my health and this plan. I don’’t know of any other “diet” plan which you can grow healthy babies and nurse! I had no problem producing milk for my babies until 18 months or longer, even while pregnant, on this plan.

With my first few babies, it was hard to make enough breast milk. With THM I have enough milk even pregnant and nursing! My husband is probably my biggest supporter. He loves THM! He has lost all his belly fat and we both look like we did when we got married 18 years ago thanks to this plan! (Well, more or less!)

Kristine & her kids on the beach

This plan really works! I tell everyone who makes a comment about my weight about Trim Healthy Mama! I have had the privilege of watching many friends & acquaintances thrive on THM. Thank you, Trim Healthy Mama!

I’’m not perfect at THM! I often “fall off the wagon” or have a crossover so far over it’s off plan but that’’s what I love about this. You just start eating healthy your next meal… no guilt necessary! Or choosing something off plan for a reason, like a date. (Every time I eat sugar I don’t feel good, so I try and keep that in mind) You choose your food that fit your body’s needs… everyone’s a little different in their needs. Gluten-free, dairy-free … whatever your body needs, there is a way to eat THM. I love THM!!!

– Kristine

Kristine & her husband

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