Larisa B.

This June it will officially be 5 years since I first got the original Trim Healthy Mama book and read it in one weekend at camp. My husband and I had been eating “healthy” as I only used whole wheat flour and always paid extra for things like “raw” and “organic” sugars and packaged foods. But we were still carrying extra weight and not sleeping well. My husband had all of the symptoms of IBS and also high BP and elevated liver enzymes.

THM was the first book I read that made sense to me about nutrition and had quick and easy meals that we actually enjoyed like, “muffin in a mug”, and “cheeseburger pie”. That weekend we first started THM I went through the pantry and threw out the refined sugar, white flour, and anything like wheat crackers and white potatoes. We kept it basic … my husband totally trusts me with meals and he was happy with eggs and bacon, a few stevia sweetened desserts, and the occasional Zevia soda when traveling. This was before any of the THM branded products and did I mention we lived 2 hours from the closest Costco or major grocery store?!

Larisa & her beautiful family

I’’ll never forget that first announcement from Pearl that Sweet Blend was in the works! And then Baking Blend came along and now the flavored wheys! It’s never been easier to be a Trim Healthy Family. That first picture we were both in our 20’s, had no children and worked full time. I don’t even know those people! We have endured a lot of tragedy since that first picture, including 4 pregnancies and only 2 babies to bring home; but the smiles we have now are a result of health and true joy. God has been faithful and provided for us exactly what we needed when we needed it. We are a THM family for life but always give ourselves grace and enjoy picnics with a store-bought muffin now and then or popcorn at the movie theater.

– Larisa

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