Elizabeth: Age 23, pre-THM and before kids.

Elizabeth H.

I was first introduced to Trim Healthy Mama through a friend at a time when we were both freshly postpartum and struggling to get back in a healthy rhythm. She started telling me about the delish fat-stripping-frappes and something about all these letters that didn’’t makes sense to me…”S”, “E”, “FP”.

It was like she was speaking a foreign language and to understand what she was talking about, I bought the original THM book! I guess my real story begins years before that when I was diagnosed with a very extreme case of endometriosis. I was in my early 20s and suddenly faced with the reality that this crazy autoimmune was wreaking havoc all throughout my body and doing immense damage.

That sent me on a journey to try and heal my body with food along with surgeries and meds. I did extreme juicing, plant based diets, paleo, AIP…I was inundated with research! But the more I read, the more confused I became about healthy and science and research…they all seemed to contradict each other and were each extreme in their own way.

Elizabeth: Age 34, current picture after 5 years of THM, 7 months postpartum and EBF.

After 6 miscarriages during this intense time of learning, I carried a baby girl to term who is now 6 years old! Shortly after she was born, I could feel my endometriosis coming back with a vengeance. Thankfully I became pregnant again with a boy who is now 5 and the pregnancy pushed pause on the endo growth. But again, after his birth, I could feel it coming back. My doctor confirmed this to be true and said it was just s matter of months before I’d need another surgery.

Enter Trim Healthy Mama! I plunged head first into reading the entire book and absorbing all I could. I started with what I had in my kitchen and simply applied the basic principles. I HATED every stevia on the market so I just chose not to eat sweets for a long time. I dropped my postpartum weight fairly easily but my biggest victory was that I never needed that surgery!

It’s been 5 years and I’ve had an additional 2 babies (making 7 kids total…3 are adopted) and followed THM through pregnancies, postpartum years, medically stressful seasons with kids, road trips, and moves. And…have not had endo pain in years!!!

– Elizabeth

Elizabeth: With her husband

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