Kim: At the beginning of her THM journey

Kimberly B.

After 5+ years on Trim Healthy Mama I sometimes wonder if I’ll get to the point where I quit celebrating and remembering how many years it has been since I started THM?

Will I get tired of remembering that I’ve maintained a 45 pound loss in the last years?

Will I get tired of being healthier as I enter my 50s and beyond? Will I get tired of having more energy and of feeling great?

Will I get tired of realizing that food isn’t an idol, and I don’t have to obsess over every gram?

Will I tire of realizing that I’m able to do more now than when I was younger?

Will I get tired of pushing myself physically to places I’ve never been?

Will I get tired of having learned that the mindset I had regarding my body image was so skewed by years of dieting, and that someone else’s idea of perfection is no longer my goal?

Kimberly: Before THM

Probably not. I spent an entire life overweight, sluggish and tired. I kept trying to fit the ideals of everyone around me. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t starve myself thin or wasn’t diligent enough to hit the gym for 2-4 hours a day. I was just a normal, working and homeschooling mother and wife who needed straightforward meals that I found in THM. The simple truths presented in the Plan taught me that real health and nutrition don’t have to be extreme or feel like suffering.

When I found THM in November of 2012, I was at my end. I felt I was spiraling towards despair as far as health and my weight, but THM gave me back hope. I never went hungry, I never felt overwhelmed. It reminded me that food was “Created to be received with thanksgiving” and was to be enjoyed. I had great success initially as far as my mindset and emotions as well as on the scale.

Kimberly: After THM!

Since then I’ve learned how to adapt how THM looks for me and my family as our lives change and our needs evolve. My kids are learning good habits and that healthy can be tasty. Yes, I’ve found that as I’m entering a new season of life THM looks different for me.

I’ve learned that listening to my body and how I respond is a life-long requirement. Just as we juggle the THM meal types, my body also isn’t the same from day to day, or year to year. I have to respect that and learn. So I’m going to continue counting years on plan with THM. After all, you remember dates that have meaning for you and have made you who you are in life. Thanks, Pearl and Serene, for a life filled with health!

– Kimberly

Kimberly today.

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