I’m that girl who always had a weight problem. I tried all the things.

I lost and regained the weight multiple times. 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 40 pounds, 60 pounds. Counting calories. Extreme exercise. Multiple fad diets, and many different weight loss programs. Yes, I was successful in all of them. But none of them were a sustainable lifestyle. How discouraging to find myself fitting back into those “fat” clothes.

In the Fall of 2015, After completely falling off the “clean eating and boot camp exercise” wagon, while pregnant with our second child, I decided that I’d give Trim Healthy Mama a try. But I was still trying to read through that huge book. I was a member in the Facebook groups and loved reading all the transformation stories and I wondered could that be me? One day I read a testimony that really resonated with me and her story gave me hope.

I started ALL IN.

My husband was supportive of me trying yet another thing. I got the new THM cookbook (that was the first cookbook). I made a list of the recipes I wanted to make and a list of all ingredients I needed. I only told a few friends of what I was trying. I was nervous to share because would it be yet another extreme venture?

Three months into my THM journey, and because of my constant sharing of tips and my prepping in the Facebook groups, someone encouraged me to start my own Facebook group. I was nervous because I was just learning THM myself. But in July of 2016, Becky’s Tips And Tricks Unofficial THM Group was created.

This has been a big part of my THM journey. It created accountability in sharing and prepping my food. And also having the THM community get to know me would become a big part of my future coaching journey.

I had a crowd of support following me through my first Fuel Cycle and then a few months later many joined me in doing another Fuel Cycle. They cheered me on as I lost that first 15 pounds, and then 20, and then 30. By my first Trimaversary in October of 2016, I had lost 40 pounds!

Christmas of 2016 we got the exciting news that we were pregnant again. I was so excited to see how a THM pregnancy would be. It was by far my best pregnancy. No crazy swelling or heartburn like my previous two pregnancies. I remained active and was still exercising at 40-weeks pregnant. This is when my ice cream obsession began! I had to quit buying Halo Top. I began creating my own recipes. I have now perfected my recipes so that the whole family and non-THM folk approve of them too. We welcomed William in September of 2017.

My 2-year Trimaversary wasn’t about weight loss, but what I gained experiencing a THM pregnancy. I only had 10 pounds to lose to get back to where I had been. But after an incredibly hard 16-week recovery of a c-section gone bad, the scale was going in the wrong direction. And for me, even though I was eating on-plan, weight loss doesn’t happen while breastfeeding. I lost and gained the same 6 pounds multiple times. It was discouraging and a huge mental battle. Was it worth it staying on-plan? Exercise had to take a back seat. I had to make a choice to embrace that season and enjoy the journey. I had to change my weight loss expectation for the season that I was in.

June 2018, soon after I made the decision to wean my baby, THM announced their Certified Coaching Program. I was excited at the thought of making my dreams come true of coaching and teaching women about THM. My husband and I had spoken many times of different jobs, things I could do to help support our family. But all the options would need a babysitter and I felt that the income wouldn’t be worth it for the sacrifice I’d be making being away from the kids. Now, here the coaching program was an opportunity to do what I loved from home. But I still hesitated because I didn’t think it would be a good time for me to start a business with a young family.

THM friends encouraged me that it would be fine. Really I’ve been coaching in my own way since I began THM. One of my THM besties and I went back and forth debating on this decision. The excitement of the what if’s was high. I let it go for a few weeks. I prayed about it and had many conversations with my husband about it. Then an online friend messaged me to see if I’d consider THM coaching. She needed a coach. That pushed me to do it.

My THM bestie and I purchased the program. I have to mention my bestie in the story because just like having a support person to push you in your health journey, I needed that support person in my new venture of coaching. We are in this together.

In the first weeks/months of my coaching journey there were many moments of second guessing myself and wondering what did I get myself into? Setting up a business takes work. I just want to coach. Then my first perspective client didn’t happen. (Which was fine!)

Many other inquiries happened those first 2 months with no one hiring me. And then I had a mama contact me to hire me! I got my first client! It was a fantastic experience for both of us.

I started seeing there was a need for a more budget friendly coaching option for the many inquiries I received. I kept a list of names and contacts who couldn’t afford the one-on-one coaching and I told them I’d be in touch when I created my “Group Coaching”.

Once again, I had a few commitments that fell through after my announcement of group coaching and contacting them. I pushed through. Seven ladies hired me and we encouraged each other and made progress during the busy holiday month of November. I was able to offer to these ladies what has been a huge part of my own THM journey… being a part of a group. Having that support and having the accountability in place of having someone check in daily!

I took on another group for the month of January and then March. Now in addition to my one-on-one clients, I’ve been group coaching since the first of May.

The highlights of my coaching have been many…

July 2018, I got certified! A Better You with Coach Becky is established.

September 2018, I got my first client!

November 2018, back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I hosted my first group coaching.

December 2018, I made enough money from coaching to cover all my starting costs of the business. I hosted my first THM event.

January 2019, business doubled in growth.

February 2019, I hosted “Let’s Taco ‘Bout THM” Event.

March 2019, I hit my first big financial goal.

April 2019, I hosted “Get The Scoop on THM Ice Cream” Event. This has been my favorite event. Over 30 people came to chat THM and eat my ice cream!

May 2019, after completing a 2-week Fuel Cycle with my clients, I’m back to my 40 pound loss with THM.

June 2019, Coaches Retreat! I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, TN. I traveled with one of my online coaching friends to meet other coaches for a weekend retreat. How fun to finally meet some of the coaches face-to-face! The friendships that were made are for a lifetime. We had the opportunity to visit the THM stores and tour the THM facilities. So much excitement to see where ideas are born, our orders come from, and now where some of the amazing THM products are being created!

We got to meet producer John, Leslie Pops, Justin, Scot Gilmore, and many other fantastic staff including Charlie, Pearl, and Serene. What a moment to be able to thank them personally! I even got to take Pearl and Serene some of my chocolate and vanilla ice cream!

July 2019, I celebrated my 1-year anniversary of coaching. 171 clients! I became A Better You with Coach Becky, LLC. I took the next steps to get a logo and a website for my coaching business. Stepping out of my comfort zone is always stretching. I want to mention these things because you don’t have to do all the things when you first begin as a coach. I’m learning new things to continue to run my business. Finding ways to do things more efficiently and effectively. It takes a lot of time now, but I know it will help things in the future.

August 2019, an ice cream photo shoot with my ice cream recipes to celebrate my business and 48-pound loss! And I launched my website …

September 2019, I got business cards made!

Upcoming events that I will be having…

October, I’ll be celebrating my 4-year Trimaversary! Watch for a giveaway! (Subscribe to my website to be notified!)

November 2, I’ll be hosting an event in Plain City, OH to celebrate my birthday! There will be a cake competition and I’ll be serving my ice cream!

November 3 – December 28 is my next online group coaching.

THM Lifestyle Coaching, and being a part of something that was brand new and organic with a tribe of other coaches who were all new too, has been an experience of a lifetime! We were and still are all learning together. A supportive community that represents this great company, Trim Healthy Mama!

This is a business that allows each of us to do what we want to do with it. And it can accommodate what works for each coach’s individual schedule. Not all coaches teach classes, or do groups, or coach one-on-one. Some have other full-time jobs, too. And for some like me, it has become full-time. I’m so thankful to Trim Healthy Mama for this opportunity!

Thank you, Pearl and Serene, for sharing your knowledge and your experiences. You have both been such a positive impact in my life. I’m forever grateful and thankful! And just like Pearl and Serene have not wanted to go into debt for their business, I have been able to do the same with my coaching business!

A quote that has become a favorite in my THM health and coaching journey is “I never lose. Either I win or I learn.”

A favorite verse Psalm 61:2, “When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Claim it, sisters!

I’ve changed a lot. Not just my outward physical appearance of weight loss, but as a person, too. Thank you, Jesus!

I became the girl who no longer lives extremes. I embrace food freedom. I found balance to make THM a sustainable lifestyle in any season that I found myself in. There will always be some kind of busy, some kind of crazy, some kind of stress happening in our lives. I’m a farmer’s wife and mama to 3. I’m now the girl who plans her off-plan, and gets right back on track 3 hours later. No guilt. I encourage my clients to do the same. Don’t fall in the trap of spontaneous off-plan! Always have a plan! I no longer participate in extreme exercise. Actually the last 35 pounds have come off with very little exercise. Not because I’m against exercise, just because of the season I’m in. The THM Workins are a great option to have! Be kind to your body. Don’t wait to love yourself until you’ve accomplished your goals. Love yourself now regardless of how much progress you’ve made. Find what works for you. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Being persistent and consistent will pay off. If you are persistent you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it!

The choice is ours!

Thanks for reading.

With Love,
– Coach Becky

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